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Toefl essay haste makes waste

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Biology Enzyme Lab Report With Graph Essays and Research Papers. Enzyme Lab 6 03/13/2013 Report by Mary Jo Anthony I. Introduction II. Materials and Methods . III. Results IV. Conclusion and Discussion Introduction Background Information: This lab allowed us to toefl essay makes study chemical reactions and how catalysts will affect the rate of these reactions. The reaction we studied is the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen and it is vital to quick an essay life. The molecule hydrogen peroxide is a molecule that is toxic.

Acid , Base , Catalase 2441 Words | 7 Pages. AP Biology Lab : Catalase ( Enzymes ) Abstract In this laboratory exercise, studies of enzyme . catalase, which accelerates the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. The purpose was to isolate catalase from starch and measure the rate of activity under different conditions. The laboratory was also conducted in association with a second laboratory that measured the toefl essay, effects of an inhibitor on the enzymes . Changes in temperature and pH along with Substrate Concentration and Enzyme. Catalase , Catalysis , Chemical equilibrium 1053 Words | 4 Pages. (Danyk, H, 2013). Quinones are produced by the oxidation of phenolic compound of catechol. Enzymes are used to speed up chemical reactions in . Should? cells (Danyk, H, 2013). The enzyme catechol oxidase is used to speed up the production of benzoquinone which is to help in infection prevention. In this study catechol oxidase was combined with potato juice extract and water.

To provide more results of the enzymes productivity patterns the solutions; temperatures were changed, alterations were made in. Acid , Enzyme , Enzymes 1226 Words | 4 Pages. Toefl Essay? ? ENZYME LAB REPORT 1. In your own words, define objective qualitative and objective quantitative data. DO NOT USE . EXAMPLES AS YOUR SOLE DEFINITION. And Easy Way To Write? (3) There are two different types of information that can be obtained from research. The types of information that can be obtained are quantitative and qualitative data. Makes Waste? Research results are considered qualitative when the results can be answered with a simple statement of yes or no.

Qualitative data does not attempt to give a numerical value; instead. Enzyme , Glucose , Hydrolysis 1334 Words | 5 Pages. MISEP Chemistry 512 – Jacobs Enzyme Catalyst Lab - Formal Report – August 8, 2007 ABSTRACT This . investigation examined what would happen to the rate of an enzyme -catalyzed reaction if the concentration of substrate changed. We hypothesized that if the animal, concentration increased, then the reaction rate would also increase. To test our question, we varied a combination of substrate and buffer, totaling 6mL, with a constant amount of 2 drops of catalyst. The enzyme catalyst, peroxidase, increased. Activation energy , Catalysis , Chemical equilibrium 1107 Words | 4 Pages. ?Activity of the Enzyme Catalase in breaking down Hydrogen Peroxide and the effect of essay makes, various factors on for research essay, Enzyme Activity . Introduction The enzyme catalase is present in cells in order to essay makes waste speed the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which is a toxic chemical to the human body. When hydrogen peroxide is broken down, the end products are Water (H2O) and Oxygen (O2). In this report , the reaction of catalase to hydrogen peroxide is being tested.

Furthermore, the effects of thesis openhook, temperature, concentration. Acid , Base , Catalase 1054 Words | 5 Pages. ?Name : Andi Nadya Amanda Period : 4 Grade : 11 Enzyme Lab Report Question How heats effect the length . of reaction time of an enzyme ? Hypothesis I think the waste, heat will make the length of reaction time of an enzyme become slowly. Heat is one of essay my admire, a way to denature the essay makes waste, substrate. It means the essay for canadian high school, heat will break down the structure of substrate in haste order the reaction of rick thesis openhook, enzymes that we activated into it become slowly. Method for Collecting Data First I will record the length of reaction. Boiling , Enzyme , Heat 807 Words | 5 Pages. concentrations; that test the essay, reaction rates of the enzyme catalase over a fixed period of high students, time. The major conclusion was that catalase reacts . faster in warm temperatures that are neither freezing nor boiling, catalase performs well in lower concentrations than the substrate, and catalase prefers neutral pH levels around 7. Introduction Enzymes are proteins that catalyze metabolic reactions vital for the survival and functioning of cells [1]. Without enzymes , metabolic processes would occur at unfeasible. Catalase , Catalysis , Chemical reaction 1548 Words | 5 Pages. Toefl Makes Waste? Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to measure the extent of enzyme reaction on given substrates by means of color . change. The reaction followed is given below: Tyrosinase?? Enzyme Pyrocatechol Hydroxyquinone Oxidation/Reduction Pink ?? Brown E+S + [ES] = E+P Enzyme Reaction Hypothesis: If there is an increase in enzyme concentration, an increase in reaction temperature, or an increase in rick beckman buffer pH, then greater.

Buffer solution , Catalysis , Chemical equilibrium 642 Words | 3 Pages. INTRODUCTION Enzymes are a protein serving as a catalyst, a chemical agent that changes the rate of the reaction without being consumed by the . reaction. Enzymes are proteins made up of long chains of amino acids. Toefl Essay Makes? These form complex shapes. The enzymes are individuals, like the different players on a ball team, they have different specific structures and jobs. As one ball player may be very tall and one short, the specific different shape of the active site on an enzyme is should animal for research essay, unique and prepares it. Chemical reaction , Enzyme , Enzymes 1062 Words | 4 Pages. Sterling Hayden AP Biology Mrs. Essay Waste? Proehl 24 November 2014 I. Title . Effect of rick openhook, Differing pH, Temperature, and Enzyme Concentration on Catalase Reaction Rate II. Introduction Enzymes are used to increase the rate of specific reactions in the body. Catalase, a specific enzyme , speeds the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide, a toxic chemical produced by cells in the body, into water and oxygen (Cain and essay makes waste others, 2010).

The oxygen can be observed as bubbles coming from the reaction site. Catalase is found in business national coursework many living tissues of toefl essay haste makes, organisms. Apple III , Apple Lisa 1528 Words | 7 Pages. Essay Contests For Canadian Students? ?Erin Arroyo Lab report June 11, 2013 Biology 123 Professor K Title: Scientific Investigation of . the Peroxidase Enzyme Temperature Abstract: In this lab we tested the essay haste makes, effect temperature has on the rate of enzyme activity. The way we figured this out was by taking four different temperatures and testing the business btec diploma coursework, different absorbance levels they produced every 20 seconds for two minutes straight using a spectrophotometer. The important part of this experiment was the temperature. Catalysis , Chemical reaction , Chemistry 1725 Words | 8 Pages. ?Title: Enzyme Catalysis of toefl essay haste makes, Hydrogen Peroxide by Catalase Problem and quick write Objectives: How do different temperatures and different levels of essay haste, pH . affect the reaction rate of the enzymes in chicken liver? Demonstrate the activity of an enzyme in living tissue, observe the effects of changes in page paper temperature and pH on the activity of an toefl haste makes enzyme , perform analyses for the presence of an enzyme in essay contests for canadian high students tissues, and analyzing relationships between environmental conditions and enzyme activity. Essay Haste Waste? Background: Cells produce.

Base , Catalase , Catalysis 1977 Words | 8 Pages. Enzymes Lab Report Inroduction In this lab we explore an enzymes activity and how it . can be affected by changes to its environment. Do Reference Page Term Paper? An enzyme is a protein and is a catalyst to chemical reactions. It helps accelerate reactions by lowering the activation energy, which is needed for reactions in cells to progress at essay haste makes a higher rate. Be Used? Activation energy is the haste makes, minimum amount of energy needed for a chemical reaction to occur, yielding products from a given set of business diploma, reactants. (Unit 7: Enzymes lab ) Products. Catalysis , Chemical reaction , Chemistry 1657 Words | 5 Pages. Haste Makes? Chemistry 512 Enzyme Catalysis Lab Report Pre- lab Questions: 1. Write a balanced chemical equation . with state symbols for the reaction catalyzed by peroxidase. Page Term Paper? 2H2O2 ? 2H2O + O2 (4H1 4O) ? (4H + 2O + 2O) 2. What is the toefl essay haste waste, substrate(s) of this reaction? What is the essay about my admire father, catalyst? Substrate = H2O2 hydrogen peroxide Catalyst = peroxide 3. At what approximate temperature do enzymes normally operate in the body of a warm-blooded animal?

Would your answer change if the enzyme came from a plant or yeast? Enzymes normally. Toefl Essay Waste? Catalysis , Chemical kinetics , Chemical reaction 1002 Words | 5 Pages. Lab Ex#8: Enzymes : Catalysts of Life INTRODUCTION Enzymes are protein organelles where chemical reactions take . place to btec coursework generate energy within our cells. Without the energy produced from the essay makes, cell enzyme activity, we would not possess the catalyst activity necessary for energy to essay contests high produce movement.

Each enzyme performs a specific function within our bodies. Those functions performed can be significantly altered with the introduction of variables outside their environment. Makes? Variables, such as temperature. Catalysis , Chemical equilibrium , Chemical reaction 1294 Words | 6 Pages. ? Enzyme assay lab report Health and safety: 4-nitrophenol is harmful. Introduction: Enzymes are . quaternary structured proteins that are specific biological catalysts that speed up a reaction without being used up. They contain an active site that allows substrate to students bind to a specific area on the enzyme which is of a complimentary shape of the substrate. There are two models of essay haste makes waste, enzyme action, the do reference page paper, Lock and Key model and the Induced Fit model.

The Lock and Key model states that the enzyme has a specific. Active site , Catalysis , Enzyme 1204 Words | 4 Pages. Lab #5- Enzymes NAME DATE LAB PERIOD Introduction Enzymes are proteins, though highly . complex and diverse, they serve one basic function; to work as an organic catalyst. A catalyst, as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a usually faster rate (Catalyst-Definition and more.). They function by reducing the essay waste, activation energy, or energy required to start a reaction. Essay School? The way enzymatic reaction works cannot be altered, but the. Toefl Essay Makes Waste? Catalysis , Chemical reaction , Enzyme 1105 Words | 4 Pages. Rick Thesis? Effect of Concentration on Enzyme Activity Lab Report. Lab Report (Effect of concentration on enzyme activity) Biology Noor Alawadhi 11- KC . Makes Waste? Introduction: An Enzyme is a protein, which is btec diploma, capable of starting a chemical reaction, which involves the formation or breakage of chemical bonds. A substrate is the surface or material on or from which an toefl essay haste makes organism lives, grows, or obtains its nourishment. Term Paper? In this case it is hydrogen peroxide.

This lab report will be explaining the experiment held to understand the effects of the changes in the amount of. Chemical reaction , Chemistry , Concentration 619 Words | 3 Pages. Toefl Essay Waste? LAB : Substrate Concentration Affecting the Rate of Enzyme Activity: Through the Experiment of Beef Liver Puree and Hydrogen . And Easy Way To Write An Essay? Peroxide Research Question Does different amount of substrate affect the rate of enzyme activities? Purpose To examine how different types of makes waste, concentration (Hydrogen Peroxide) affect the rate of animal for research essay, enzyme activity. Hypothesis We believe that if there is toefl essay haste waste, more substrate concentrated, then there will be an increase in students the rate of essay haste waste, enzyme activity. This is because. Catalase , Catalysis , Chemical reaction 836 Words | 6 Pages. Essay High School? Enzyme Lab Introduction/ Abstract An enzyme is a substance produced . by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. They are mainly made up of proteins and essay can tremendously speed up reactions. E. coli ( a bacterium) has about 1,000 different types of enzymes floating around in btec national diploma its cytoplasm at toefl essay makes waste any given time. Enzymes can be used to join and essay for canadian high school students even break up molecules as shown in the diagram below. (1).

Catalysis , Chemical reaction , Enzyme 1501 Words | 6 Pages. Enzyme Reaction to toefl waste Variable Elizabeth Alvidrez University of do reference page term, Texas at El Paso Abstract: An enzyme is toefl haste waste, a . protein that serves as a biological catalyst (Denniston, 2007). Metabolic reactions happen with in contests for canadian high students cells. Enzymes are proteins that are used to speed up these reactions without being consumed by them (Mader, 2010). Catalase is a catalyst that digests potent hydrogen peroxide and converts it into H2O and O (Campbell Reese, 2008). Toefl Haste Waste? The environment plays an paper important role.

Buffer solution , Celsius , Chemical reaction 1403 Words | 5 Pages. Enzyme lab report . Introduction. An enzyme is a protein molecule that speeds up the rates . of chemical reactions by many folds. They recognize, bind, and change specific reactants. Toefl Haste Makes? They do not change thus can catalyze the same reaction again and again. Activation energy also known as an energy barrier is the amount of term, energy needed in order to begin a chemical reaction. Essay Haste? Catecholase catalyzes the reaction rate of catechol oxidation.

Catechol is found beneath the skin of many plants such. And Easy Way To Write? Activation energy , Catalysis , Chelation therapy 757 Words | 3 Pages. Sample Lab Report : Factors which Affect the Activity of the Enzyme Catalase Purpose: Must include: ? background . Essay? information about concepts involved in the lab , ? statement of purpose of the lab ? identification of thesis, independent and dependent variables. A hypothesis is often not necessary or appropriate. Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions in cells. They break down molecules called substrates.

Each enzyme has only one substrate that it breaks down. Essay Makes Waste? Enzymes are produced in. Catalase , Chemical element , Enzyme 716 Words | 3 Pages. Potato Enzyme Lab INTRODUCTION An enzyme is a protein that speeds up or slows down a specific chemical reaction . in an organism. A good rule of thumb is to remember that enzyme names end in “-ase”.

This will help in identifying enzymes in further readings. Generally enzymes are catalysts. Hydrogen peroxide is a toxic chemical that is produced in many organisms during metabolism. Organisms must get rid of this toxin to survive. One reaction turns the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

The. Catalase , Catalysis , Chemical reaction 1216 Words | 4 Pages. ? Instructor Biology 1111 4-5 Lab Topic 4: Microscopy Elodea Cells at ___X Elodea Cells at ___X . Report Sheet— Lab Topic 4 1. Draw and label each of the organisms available. Cheek Cells at ___X Cheek Cells at ___X Name _______________________________ Date_____________ Instructor ___________________________ Section___________ _________________________ 4-6 Lab Topic 4: Microscopy 2. Fill in the following table: Compound Microscope Dissecting Microscope Types of Light Available . Cell , Cell wall , DNA 386 Words | 3 Pages. Ye Tao BISC220-13155 The Effect of Temperature on the Digestion of Starch by Activity of Enzyme ?-Amylase: Observation of Rate of rick openhook, Starch . Disappearance through Iodine Test Introduction An enzyme is toefl essay haste, a type of protein that, through its own structure including hydrogen bonds, acts like a biological catalyst and is able to essay my admire accelerate the biochemical reaction rate by lowering the activation energy of the whole process, without which cells could hardly practice any physiological functions within human. Essay Waste? Amylase , Catalysis , Chemical kinetics 1822 Words | 5 Pages.

? Biology 2009 Writing Laboratory Reports Lab reports for should animal essay Biology may seem . different than other classes you have taken. As you progress further in science, you will see variations in styles of lab reports , though they all contain the essay haste waste, same basic principles. Lab report sections are as follows: Cover Page Introduction Objective Materials and Procedures Results/Data Conclusions Works Cited **Not every lab report will contain every section. I will give you specific instructions for. Scientific method 1210 Words | 5 Pages. Peroxidase Enzyme Biology Lab Report (Half Way Finished)

How Enzymes Work In Different Environments By Sarah Smith Biology1111 October 20, 2011 Lab Partner: Nellie Greer . Do Reference Page Term? ABSTRACT Peroxidase is an enzyme found in potatoes that catalyzes the toefl essay waste, breakdown of hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, into O2 gas and water. We examined the essay my admire, different pH environments that can affect the enzyme activity during the breakdown of H2O2. In order to do this, we added different levels of pH, low, medium, and high, into different test tubes with the enzyme and toefl essay haste makes H2O2. Activation energy , Catalysis , Chemical equilibrium 621 Words | 3 Pages. experiment diluted solutions of amylase were created and then tested using a starch solution, I2KI for reaction times. The answer to the question was proved . to be that more concentration of amylase speeds up the reaction time. Introduction The enzyme , amylase is should for research, found in the saliva of most animals and in humans. Amylase hydrolyzes starch, a plant's reservation of carbohydrates. Amylase causes a chemical reaction in the polysaccharide starch that breaks down the glucose molecules into maltose.

Amylase , Chemical equilibrium , Chemical reaction 686 Words | 3 Pages. Amylase and Fungal Amylase and their Ability to Break Down Starch to Maltose. Toefl Essay Haste? Abstract This lab focused on the effects of btec diploma, varying . Toefl Haste Makes Waste? temperatures on Bacterial and Fungal Amylase enzymes and their ability to break down starch into maltose using iodine. Secondly, to determine the optimal temperature for the two amylases, this is the temperature these enzymes function at best. The experimental part of the lab consisted of obtaining and labeling test tubes and pipets with temperatures, setting up spot. Do Reference Page Term? Amylase , Catalysis , Chemical reaction 1773 Words | 6 Pages. Effecting the toefl haste makes, Reaction Rate in Enzymes in Plants and Animals Problem- How do variables temperature and surface area affect the quick write, rate of . reaction occurring in the enzyme ? Information- Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts.

They speed up chemical reactions that take place in cells. Enzymes can be found in both liver and essay haste potato. They provide a site where reactants can be brought together to react. These reactants are called substrates that fin into the enzyme . Beckman Openhook? The changing of heat. Chemical reaction , Liver , Oxygen 2104 Words | 7 Pages. ? Protocol for Lab 5 – Aerobic Respiration Part 1 Isolation of essay makes, Mitochondria from Cauliflower - Weigh 50g of rosettes cut from should animal essay, fresh . cauliflower head. - Cut rosettes and place it on ice - Prepare juice extractor by placing ice and an empty 150 ml beaker into the right compartment. - Collect pulp from left compartment and record total volume of the extract. Approx. 20ml - Filter the pulp using six layered cheese cloth and essay waste collect it in a beaker sitting on ice. Essay High School Students? - Place two 50 ml test tubes. Adenosine triphosphate , Cellular respiration , Citric acid cycle 448 Words | 4 Pages. LABORATORY REPORT (Click on the Save a Copy button on the panel above to save your report ) Activity: Enzyme . Activity Predictions 1. Sucrase will have the greatest activity at pH 6 2. Waste? Sucrase will have the greatest activity at 60 °C (140 °F) 3. Sucrase activity decreases with increasing sucrose concentration. Materials and Methods Effect of pH on Enzyme Activity.

1. Dependent Variable. amount of product (glucose and fructose) produced 2. Independent Variable. pH 3. Controlled Variables. Page? Acid , Acidosis , Base 1209 Words | 5 Pages. Osmosis Lab Report by toefl essay haste waste, Evan Gerber Claire Cambron First Lab Report Wednesday 10:30am . February 20, 2013 Theresa Gburek Abstract The major objective of the experiment was to test the effect of the concentration gradient on openhook, the diffusion rate. It was hypothesized that the toefl essay waste, greater the stronger the concentration gradient, the for canadian school, faster the rate of diffusion would be. To test this, dialysis tubes were submerged in different concentration fructose solutions.

We weighed the tubes at waste specific. Chemistry , Concentration , Diffusion 1887 Words | 6 Pages. Abstract Enzyme catalysis was observed in order to analyze how changes in temperature, pH, enzyme concentration, and essay about my admire substrate . concentration affected an enzyme -catalyzed reaction. This experiment analyzed the rate of enzyme -catalyzed reactions and observed the correlation between catalase activity and products formed. It was found out that the rate of an enzyme -catalyzed reaction starts off rapidly, decreases, and levels off or completely stops, and can be further affected by environmental factors. Catalysis , Cell , Digestion 1135 Words | 4 Pages. ? Enzymes What Are Enzymes ? Substances that speed up chemical reactions are called catalysts. Organic catalysts are called . enzymes . Enzymes are specific for one particular reaction or group of related reactions.

Many reactions cannot occur without the correct enzyme present. Toefl Essay Haste? They are often named by adding ase to the name of the substrate. Example: Dehydrogenases are enzymes that remove hydrogen. Induced-fit Theory The shape of the enzyme must match the shape of the substrate. Active site , Catalysis , Chemical reaction 570 Words | 3 Pages.

temperature on the activity of lipase Aim: To investigate the effects of temperature on the activity of lipase enzyme on milk which contain . fats or lipids. Introduction: Enzyme is a kind of business btec national, biological catalyst that made up of protein. It can speed up the metabolic reactions on various kinds of substances. Like lipase can break down lipid into glycerol or fatty acids in milk. Since enzyme is made up of protein which easily affected by varies temperature. Essay Haste Makes Waste? This experiment is carried out to find the. Enzyme , Fat , Fatty acid 915 Words | 3 Pages. ? Introduction Enzymes are protein based structures that help speed up chemical reactions. Beckman Openhook? They help these reactions keep . Toefl Essay Makes Waste? up with the everyday metabolic needs and other like functions of business national, organisms. Enzymes are also considered catalysts, due to the lowering in toefl makes activation energy, in essay which they are not consumed or changed at any point during the reaction. These enzymes have three main protein structures that help keep them formed and toefl makes intact.

Stage 1 of these structures is the primary. Rick Beckman Openhook? Catalysis , Chemical reaction , Enzyme 1455 Words | 5 Pages. Haste Waste? Environment Can Effect Enzymes Introduction: In a chemical reaction there sometimes can be a catalyst present known as an and easy write an essay . enzyme . An enzyme is a protein that speeds up a chemical reaction by lowering the essay makes waste, amount of activation energy required to start the reaction. National Diploma? By lowering the activation energy, more of the substrate is able to participate in the reaction, speeding it up. Enzymes are substrate specific. Toefl Haste Waste? The substrate is what the enzyme bonds to.

That is to say that enzyme A will only react with. Activation energy , Brown , Catalysis 1139 Words | 6 Pages. Contests School Students? Online Biology Lab Report Evolution Name______ A. Natural Selection 1. Record the number of toefl essay haste, beetles . present in each of the three generations from the lab website. Generation|Orange Beetles|Green Beetles| 1st Generation|3|13| Later Generation|6|10| Last Generation|16|0| 2. Nature selected for the _______orange__________ beetles. 3. Nature selected against the______green________ beetles. B. Speciation 1. Essay Contests For Canadian High School? Why were wasp species A and B no longer able to toefl haste mate with each. Animal , Evolution , Insect 747 Words | 5 Pages. Biology Lab Report (F.4) * Objective: To study the transpiration of a leafy shoot using the bubble potometer . * Materials and apparatus: * Bubble potometer * Leafy shoot * Scissors * Basin with water * A fan * Plumbing tape * Method: Normal Condition: 1. Quick And Easy Way To An Essay? The bubble potometer was filled with water. 2. The stem of a leafy shoot was cut under water. 3. The bottom of the stem was wrapped by plumbing tape.

4. Toefl Essay Haste? The stem was fitted onto the photometer. Atmosphere , English-language films , Evaporation 556 Words | 3 Pages. ENZYMES LABORATORY REPORT Introduction The utilization of business diploma, any complex molecule for energy by an organism is dependent on a . process called hydrolysis. Hydrolysis breaks complex molecules into simpler molecules using water. Similarly, the process that is the reverse of this is called dehydration synthesis, which removes water from simpler molecules. However, because hydrolysis occurs very slowly, living organisms use biochemical’s called enzymes to speed up the essay makes waste, reaction. In this lab exercise. Chemistry , Enzyme , Gas 1255 Words | 4 Pages. Quick Way To Write? ?Exploring Enzymes - Ground-Up Tissue Activity Abstract Our experiment looked at how increasing the surface area of a substance affects the . amount of haste waste, bubbles created due to the presence of the my admire, enzyme catalase.

The experiment used two pieces of haste, fish, one whole and one ground up, which were then covered in hydrogen peroxide. Page? This method allowed us to observe the catalase in ground up fish break down the hydrogen peroxide at a quicker rate than in toefl essay haste makes the piece of fish left intact. This was determined. Catalase , Catalysis , Chemical reaction 1052 Words | 4 Pages. Investigation on the effects of should animal for research essay, Temperature, pH levels, and Enzyme Concentration on the reaction rate of the Decomposition of Hydrogen . Peroxide by Catalase The purpose of this investigation is to figure out how temperature, pH, and enzyme concentration affect the reaction rate of an toefl essay makes enzyme . Essay Father? It’s important to toefl essay haste waste understand how certain factors affect enzymes because of their crucial role in the metabolic processes of about, life. Enzymes lower the activation energy necessary for toefl essay haste waste a chemical reaction to. Adenosine triphosphate , Catalase , Catalysis 2542 Words | 7 Pages. Lab Report : Toothpickase and Enzymes September 19, 2012 Olivia DePhillips Lab Partner: Joy . Morgan Meyers Signature: Introduction Enzymes are biological molecules that catalyze chemical reactions.

In enzymatic reactions, the molecules at the beginning of the process, called substrates, are converted into different molecules, called products. Almost all chemical reactions in a biological cell need enzymes in order to occur at rates sufficient for life. Like all catalysts, enzymes work. Activation energy , Catalysis , Chemical equilibrium 1017 Words | 4 Pages. ? Lab Report : Enzyme Lab Your Name: Samantha Butcher Purpose of this Lab . What is the goal of this lab ? What question is it trying to answer, or what problem is it trying to explain? It is going to explain how a liver's enzymes break down substances that could be harmful.| Hypothesis After reading the lab instructions - but before starting the lab - record your best “educated guess” about do reference page term, what will happen in toefl essay the experiment.

Give your reasons and outline any assumptions that lead. Abundance of the chemical elements , Carbon , Gas 842 Words | 3 Pages. relationship between substrate concentration and initial reaction rate provided that substrate concentration is much greater than enzyme . concentration. Enzymes are essential to life as they are required for many vital metabolic reactions to occur. To adequately explain the do reference page, properties of enzymes , it is assumed that an enzyme -controlled reaction takes place through an enzyme -substrate complex by the lock and key mechanism. It is hypothesized that a greater concentration of product is achieved through. Chemical equilibrium , Chemical reaction , Chemistry 1656 Words | 5 Pages. Toefl? ? Lab 6.C Hypothesis: If enzyme activity is affected by for research, the pH of a solution, then the enzymes will experience the toefl essay haste waste, . greatest activity at a pH of 6. Variables: Independent Variables Dependent Variable Controls Four different pH values (10, 7, 6, and way to an essay 3) Change in color of the solution The amount of potato extract, pH solution, and toefl essay makes catechol used (1 cm +/- .1cm) Size of the test tubes Amount of time allowed for the catechol to sit with the diploma coursework, potato extract and pH solution (20 minutes with. Acid dissociation constant , Activity , Buffer solution 1088 Words | 5 Pages. Enzymes INTRODUCTION Enzymes are protein cells and haste makes waste they are found in the gut. They help to for canadian break down the toefl essay haste makes, food you eat. . Enzymes are produced by living cells and about my admire they speed up reactions because they are biological catalysts. If we did not have enzymes , the reactions in our cells would be too slow to keep us alive.

This means that they are extremely important for our survival. Toefl Essay Haste? The properties of enzymes are: ? They can be used many times, because they can speed up reactions without. Digestion , Enzyme , Enzyme substrate 1566 Words | 6 Pages. temperature on the activity of lipase Aim: To investigate the effects of temperature on the activity of lipase enzyme on milk which contain . fats or lipids. Introduction: Enzyme is a kind of biological catalyst that made up of protein. Btec Diploma? It can speed up the toefl makes waste, metabolic reactions on various kinds of substances.

Like lipase can break down lipid into glycerol or fatty acids in milk. Since enzyme is made up of protein which easily affected by rick beckman thesis openhook, varies temperature. This experiment is toefl waste, carried out to find the. Enzyme , Fat , Fatty acid 915 Words | 3 Pages. test the enzyme activity of Catecholase the business national diploma coursework, enzyme in potato juice, in many different conditions such as varying temperatures, . Essay Haste? ranging pH, and concentration of the enzyme , as well as concentration of the substrate. Most reactions are very slow; enzymes are used to essay high speed up reactions. Enzymes have an essay makes waste active site that a substrate attaches to, but changes temperature, pH, and concentration can alter the active site (Helms, 1998). Organisms have a specific range of temperature in which enzymes work.

Enzymes. Acid dissociation constant , Activity , Buffer solution 922 Words | 5 Pages. Campbell Biology Ninth Editoin. San Francisco. Pearson Education Inc.2011 2. Stretched exponential dynamics in lipid bilayer simulations. And Easy Way To? . Brandt, Erik G. Journal of Chemical Physics; 9/21/2010, Vol. 133 Issue 11, p115101, 12p, 1 Diagram, 3 Charts, 9 Graphs 3. Toefl Waste? The behavior of reorientational correlation functions of water at the water-lipid bilayer interface. Bhide, Shreyas Y.Berkowitz, Max L. Essay Contests For Canadian High School Students? Journal of Chemical Physics; 9/7/2006, Vol. Toefl Essay Haste Waste? 125 Issue 9, p094713, 7p, 5 Charts, 5 Graphs 3. Blue , Carbohydrate , Glucose 1802 Words | 5 Pages.

they will become to the female and predators. This will lead to the decrease of population and changes in the population. The frequency for the color fishes . will decrease as time passes. And Easy Way To Write An Essay? Methods For this particular experiment we had two different lab tests. For the toefl essay makes, first part of the experiment it was necessary to use a computer and log on the and lunch the essay about father, Sec and the Single Guppy web activity. Running the makes waste, simulation on the web. Allele frequency , Evolution , Genetic drift 1210 Words | 4 Pages. Essay About? DIFFUSION AND OSMOSIS Prepared by : Puteri Ayu Kirana binti Ahmad Jayaputera ( Lab Partner : Ashami Athukorala ) AIM : To . study the phenomenon of diffusion and toefl haste waste osmosis PROCEDURE : Please refer to the laboratory manual RESULT : A) Diffusion The petri dish of agar is then placed in a dark place. After two hours, the results are shown in the picture below : The color results of the reaction is shown below :- Band | Reaction | Color | AB | AgCl | White | . Cell , Chemistry , Chloride 714 Words | 4 Pages. Introduction Enzymes are proteins produced by living organisms to speed up the rate in animal be used for research essay which chemical reactions occur. This process can . happen fast, slowly, or stop the chemical reaction all together depending on the temperature, pH and concentration.

Catalase is one of the most common enzymes . It is haste, found in living organisms and is used to break down hydrogen peroxide. This must happen because hydrogen peroxide is business btec national, considered toxic to cells in the body. Essay Haste? However, when catalase is used it breaks. Animal Be Used For Research? Catalase , Chemical reaction , Chemistry 1182 Words | 4 Pages. Cricket Chirp Rate Lab The Effects of Atmospheric Pressure By Abigail Charpentier E Block Date October 2, 2013 Objective . The objective of this study is to determine which environmental factors influence the rate of how fast a cricket chirps, to review and toefl essay haste makes practice the steps of the scientific method, to essay contests for canadian high school learn how to use an online computer simulation biology /glacier/scientific_method/ to review and practice constructing data charts and essay haste makes waste graphs , and to review.

Atmospheric pressure , Chirp , Chirp rate 287 Words | 3 Pages. Vaishnavi Kothapalli Mrs. Manning Honors Biology 30 November 2012 TITLE: The Reaction Rate of be used for research, Catalase in Various Concentrations of . Hydrogen Peroxide QUESTION: How long does the catalase take to float to the top of a cup filled with different amounts of hydrogen peroxide concentration? PREDICTION: A prediction that can be made for this experiment is that the higher the toefl haste makes waste, concentration, the faster time it takes the catalase to react with the business national diploma, solution. As the concentration increases from. Catalase , Chemical reaction , Concentration 854 Words | 3 Pages. ?Name: Mugabe Rodrigue Class: Grade 11B Subject: Biology Topic: DNA Extraction From Onion Date: 20/1/2014 Introduction: DNA, or . Essay Haste? deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in organisms. Nearly every cell in an organism has the same DNA. Most DNA is should animal for research essay, located in the cell nucleus.The information in DNA is stored as a code made up of four chemical bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). The order, or sequence, of these bases determines the information available for. Toefl Essay Waste? Cell , DNA , Gene 720 Words | 3 Pages.

Shalacia Gilmore Fall 2012 BIO 1107 Natural Selection Lab INTRODUCTION In the 1850s, two scientists by the name of Charles Darwin and . Alfred Russell Wallace composed the theory of evolution by natural selection. Essay For Canadian? (1) Darwin characterized several claims needed for natural selection to happen, including heritable variation within the population, and the presence of more individuals than the environment can support. They also discovered that certain environments favored certain traits. Essay? These. Alfred Russel Wallace , Biology , Charles Darwin 688 Words | 3 Pages.

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Influence of Pta on School Adminsitration. The school organization, administration and management has become sophisticated and complex to the extent that governments alone cannot handle, problems ranging from essay, students unrest, poor attendance to schools and and easy write drop out especially among female students could be solved with the toefl essay haste makes waste assistance of the (home) parent Teachers’ Association. Public schools require effective community support, hence the need to establish a well organized Parent-Teacher’s Association in our primary schools cannot be over emphasized. We will write a custom essay sample. on Influence of Pta on for canadian high students School Adminsitration or any similar. topic specifically for you. School Advisory Boards were established in makes waste, schools to assist in solving issues related to the administration and management of education.

However, it was observed that School Advisory Boards were not effective since they were regarded as a mere consultative body on certain disciplinary cases. Another reason could be that, there was no much interaction between the schools and Advisory Boards. Communities are supposed to play important role in influencing the school since they regard each other as partners. However, schools have been holding the community performance in the school with suspicion as observed by Musaazi (1984:242) that parents consider the job of teachers as merely instruction in the classroom not organizing productive activities in the village or doing other community development, type of activities. Teachers do sometimes reject the idea of having local villagers (parents) to participate in managing the schools. This kind of feeling among the teachers has therefore made parents to essay about my admire, regard the school only as a modern creation exclusively meant for toefl makes waste only those with Western Education and hence the ordinary parents with no such type of about father, education were therefore not expected to toefl essay haste waste, participate in its activities. Government seemed incapable to shoulder the entire educational burden alone, the business diploma government therefore need to involve parents and Parent Teacher Association actively in the management of toefl haste waste, primary schools in the Federal Capital Territory. Parent-Teacher Association has a very long history in Federal capital Territory.

The association developed from within the parents themselves in btec national, their attempt to be involved in essay waste, the management and administration of schools in the Federal Capital Territory it was observed that the activity of the association has been characterized with merefund raising at the expense of other important roles. The role of Parent-Teacher Associations ought to extend beyond mere financial contributions to include policy making in primary schools management most especially in areas, such as curriculum change and other educational development. Page 2 Influence of Pta on School Adminsitration Essay. The intent of this research is to explorein to the problem that surrounds the role of should for research essay, parent teacher association the management of essay, schools in Federal Capital Territory. 1. 2Statement of the coursework Problem There are insinuations from certain quarters that the PTAs interfere negatively with the administration of schools.

Many private schools for instance will rather operate without a PTA to check the toefl essay waste perceived undue interferences of parents. However, it is thought by quick way to an essay, some that PTAs play a rather significant role in essay waste, the running of schools. The study therefore will examine the financial contributions to essay contests high school, schools by Parent-Teacher Association, parents’ involvement in the students’ academic activities as well as parents’ involvement in the social activities of the schools in order to understand the contributions of PTA to the development of primary education in the country. The study intends to investigate the toefl haste extent to which the roles of do reference page paper, Parent-Teacher Associations are being achieved in development of primary schools in Federal Capital Territory. 1. 3 Purpose of the Study. The aim of the study was to makes waste, investigate the extent to which the do reference page roles of essay haste makes, parent-teacher association in the management and development of primary education in Gwagwalada Area Council with a view of suggesting ways to improve to allow general effectiveness and efficiency of the educational system. The specific purposes for this study include: 1. To observe the roles performed by Parent-Teacher Associations in the management of btec national diploma, primary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council. 2. To identify the contributions of Parent-Teacher Association to the smooth running of primary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council. . To study the haste reactions of parents towards parent-teacher association with regard to essay high students, the activities of the association in relation to the management of primary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council. Haste! 4. Should Animal Be Used For Research Essay! To study the impact of PTA on the development of Primary Schools in Gwagwalada Area Council. 1. 4Research Questions The research attempts to answer the following research questions: 1. Toefl Haste Makes! What roles does Parent-Teacher Associations perform in the management of primary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council?

2. What contributions does Parent-Teacher Association make to the smooth running of primary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council? 3. What are the reactions of parents towards parent-teacher association with regard to the activities of the quick and easy association in relation to toefl makes waste, the management of primary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council? 4. What impact does PTA make to the development of business btec national diploma coursework, Primary Schools in Gwagwalada Area Council? 1. 5 Basic Assumptions The study is essay haste makes waste, based on the following assumptions 1. Btec! That the existence of Parents Teachers Associations aids the toefl essay haste development of primary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council. . That Parent-Teacher Association functions are not identified in relationship with the development of the secondary education primary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council. 3. Parents have adequate perception of their role in beckman thesis, the activity of parent teacher associations. 4. Parent Teacher Associations members may not be aware of other more important functions of the toefl essay makes associations.

1. Do Reference! 6Significance of the Study The government cannot bear the entire burden in managing the financial responsibilities of all post primary institutions in the Gwagwalada Area Council. In view of the above, there seemed to be no better forum where both parents and teachers could meet and make a worth while contribution in sharing with the government part of the educational responsibility other, than through the Parent Teacher Associations. The research was intended to make parents become more responsive and conversant about their role in the activity of parent Teacher Association. Toefl Haste Makes! Equally, principals and Teachers would be more knowledgeable about essay contests for canadian high school students, their role in parent Teacher’s Association activities. Furthermore, the toefl essay waste study would serve as basis for studies on the role of parent-teacher association in relation to the development of primary school education in Gwagwalada Area Council for so many reasons: On the whole, for the justification of the essay my admire father position taken by the parent teacher association the haste research work is therefore of great significance to find out what specific. Finally, the research findings are to be used as a pointer to the ministry of education to about father, initiate a move towards involving parent teacher association in policy making rather than reducing them to mere fund raising organization. . 7 Scope of the Study The area to be covered by this research work is the Gwagwalada Area Council of the toefl haste waste FCT in Nigeria. The study is specifically delineated to primary school in the area council as a result of time constraints as well as financial constraints.

Introduction In this chapter, the relevant literatures are discussed in the following sub-headings: (a)Theoretical/Conceptual Framework of the study. (b)Purpose and relevance of Parent-Teachers’ Association. (c)Organization and essay about father composition of Parent-Teacher Association. d)Parent- Teacher Association and school administration. (e)School community relationship. (f)Review of some parent –Teachers’ Association constitutions. 2. 2Theoretical/Conceptual Framework This section is an essay haste makes waste, attempt towards exploring the theoretical framework with the view of giving the entire work a kind of the theoretical basis. The following areas were examined: a. Organizational theory. b. Leadership and organization. c. Goals in organization d. Communication and school management. e. Delegation of authority. 2. 2. 1 Organisational Theory. According to Persons (1990:17) organizations “are social units (of human groupings) deliberately constructed and reconstructed to seek specific goals. ” Modern societies have so many organisations that are establish to accomplish specific goals for social development. Among such organization is the parent-Teachers’ Association whose characteristics, goals and objectives follow very well in about, parson’s definition of waste, organization.

A prominent organizational theorist, Webver (1961) as cited by Etsioni (2001) distinguished three modes of theories which an father, organizational structure may adopt: traditional charismatic and authority. It was observed that Weber emphasized on the rational aspects. Barnard as cited by Etzioni (2001) while examining similar set of complex organizations, placed greater emphasis on the psychological and haste makes waste social aspects in the case of main focus, of this review, both Weber’s structure can be observed. Selznick’s theory as cited by Etzioni (2001) rests on Weber’s and Barnards foundations. He studied organizations not only as economics and adaptive structures, but also as the should essay co-operative systems. This led him to examine the essay haste formal roles of the participants as well as their personality and leadership. Selznick’s theory is more closely related to this area of thesis openhook, investigation; the role of parent-Teachers’ Associations in the development of secondary schools in Federal Capital Territory. The role of the toefl waste participants (parents and Teachers) and their personality and do reference paper leadership in the discharge of their various roles are clearly identifiable. Parson’s contribution in organizational theory is toefl essay haste makes, predominantly oriented to the attainment of specific goals.

This, when related to parent-teacher associations could mean closing the gap between the home and the school with the view of promoting education welfare of the child. Specifically, parent-teacher association is geared towards improving teaching, learning and welfare of the page term paper students. The above theoretical constructs of organizational theory when looked from a different perspective can be summarized as consisting of elements of classical theory of management, human relations and toefl essay haste makes the structuralists thinking in administration. Area of Study The Federal Republic of Nigeria become worthy of consideration by the Governemt of the late General Murtala Mohammed for a new Capital. Many Nigerians observed that Lagos was be set by Intractable problems and as such unbefitting of a Federal capital City. The Federal Government therefore on August 9th 1975 announced a seven (7) man committee headed by renowned Jurist, Dr. Timoty Akinola Aguda with Dr.

Tai Solarin, Colonel Monsignol-Petrik Nartubs; Prof. C. K. Ogan, Alhaji Mohammed Musa Isma, Dr. Ajato Gandanu and Chief Owen Fiebai as members to advise the government on quick and easy way to where to site its capital in makes, stand of Lagos. This committee has Chief E. E. Nsefic as its secretary. On February 5th 1979, Federal Capital Territory was born by Decree number 6 of 1976. The decree was promulgated to give a legal state to the new capital territory. The ownership control and governance of the territory was vested in the Government.

The Decree also established a Federal Capital development Authority (F. C. D. A) with the responsibility to plan, design and develop the territory including the about father sitting, management and the deployment of toefl haste makes waste, education in the territory. The Federal Capital Territory (F. C. T. ) is located within the centre of the geographical are called Nigeria, it shares boundary with Kaduna State to the North, Nassarawa State to the East and South East, Kogi State to the West and equidistant from almost all parts of the country. It is inhabited by Egbura, Gwari, Nupe, Hausa and son on. The land scope of the essay about my admire father territory consists of titled alluvial plains dissected by Rivers Guran and Usuma and a range of hills, and toefl haste makes extension of the Jos Plateau popularly known as Jema’a plate from running through to high school, the middle of the territory. Essay Haste Makes! The vegetation is predominantly Guinea savannah, the soil is reddish and its temperature fluctuation between 30o and 37o centigrade. Like some other parts of Nigeria, Abuja is basically affected by the dry and business national diploma coursework rainy session the dry session is between December and Mrch and rainy session is about April to Novermber. Rain fall average 1,632mm annually. The Federal Captial Territory is presently made up of six area councils: Abaji, Gwagwalada, Kwali, Kuje, Abuja Municipal and Bwari, each with average 4 – 5 secondary schools with Gwagwalada having the only school for the gifted students. 2. 3 Leadership and Organisation The success of any organization depends mainly on effective administration procedures (Musaazi: 1982).

However, such effective leadership, organization, such as educational institutions require dynamic leadership. According to Stodgill (1958: 38) leadership is organized group in the task of goal setting and goal achievement”. Leaders wherever they are, availed themselves with one-type of toefl essay haste makes waste, leadership style or the other. Parent-Teacher Associations as an organization is being steered under the about father leadership of dynamic chairmen who are seasonal administrators in their respective areas of toefl essay makes, endeavours. Since Parent-Teacher Association s is a voluntary organization, a leadership style befitting its status and aspirations of the and easy way to majority must be thought. However, it must be understood that such a leadership style must relegate concretely to the goals of the association.

2. 4 Goals in essay haste, Organisation Organizations are generally established to beckman openhook, achieve certain tasks (goals). The success of organizations is invariable measured in relation to accomplishing organizational goals. Goals of organizations serve many functions. They provide direction and guide-lines for haste makes organisationl activity. Organizations are social units which pursue specific goals (Etzioni 2001:5). According to Etzioni (2001) organizational goals is “a desired state of affairs which the organization attempt’s to business coursework, realize”.

Organizations are constructed to be the most effective and efficient social units (Etzoni 2001:8). The actual effectiveness of waste, a particular organization is determined by the degree to which it achieved its goals. The efficiency of an organization is measured by the amount of the resources used to animal essay, produce a single unit of output. Parent-Teacher Associations as an organization is specifically aimed towards serving as a clearing house for the presentation and toefl haste makes waste discussion of educational problems where parents and teachers through contact could develop greater understating for the effective solutions to our educational problems (Moehlman, 1997). Coursework! The effectiveness of any parent-teachers ‘association in the Federal Capital Territory’ would be measured in relation to solving the essay makes waste numerous educational problems facing our secondary schools. . 5 Communication and School Management Communication is an art used all the time. It is the exchange of information, feelings and attitudes. And Easy Write An Essay! Communication involves sharing of ideas and information in related to parent-teacher ‘Associations as it comprised of many people showing a common interest (the advancement of education and students welfare). Afolyan (1982) described communication as the life blood of any organization. According to Simon (1998: 152).

Communication is inseparable with organization to influence the toefl haste makes waste behaviour of the individuals for there can be no organization without communication. There are various types of communication used by school principals. These are summarized in to two broad classes. There are channels of communication with members of the school and also a channel of communication with community members. School principles should inform parents on the activities of their schools and to share a common idea with them. Business Btec Diploma Coursework! However, the medium of communication and essay waste mode of contacting members to attend meetings could constitute a serious problem to the effectiveness of the association. 2. 6 Delegation of Authority Authority is an important aspect necessary for achieving the do reference page paper set of objectives in toefl essay makes waste, any organization. Authority is being seen as the essay about my admire power to make decisions which guide the actions of another (Musaazi 1982: 100). Essay Makes! Delegation is simply the process of dividing up the superior’s (boss) total work and giving part of it to the subordinate to perform on 106). As educational organizations grow in size, they become more sophisticaticated and complex, delegation of authority and responsibility becomes increasingly essential. By law, school administers have been delegated to carry out certain functions of the ministry in do reference page term, their respective schools.

Principals therefore find themselves in a kind of dual relationship. They exercise authority and essay haste waste also subject school’s board of governors. Authority is not usually measured by high school, positions in the Associations. The constituted views of the association are not adhered to due to selfish interests of some highly placed individuals. In view of the numerous tasks to be performed by essay waste, the state ministry of Education on one hand, and the desire of voluntary organizations like the parent Teacher Associations to assist in the management of post primary institutions, some element of delegation of authority is identifiable. It is the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Education to collect any dues from students. The Ministry has delegated school principals to collect such money on essay contests high students behalf of the ministry. It is also the duty of the ministry to feed the large students in toefl essay, the boarding institutions. In conclusion, a theory could be described as a set of assumptions from which a set of empirical law may be derived. They are developed, essentially to assist in the identification and business clarification of problems now and in the future (Etzioni, 2001). Parent-Teachers Association as an toefl, organization must strive to identify and clarify the should be used for research educational problem facing post primary institutions in the Federal Capital Territory.

As an additional impetus, members of the association must elect leaders of makes, impeccable character and and easy way to write transparent honesty. 2. Toefl Essay Haste! 7 Purpose and Relevance of high students, Parent-Teachers Association According to Collins (1973:87) Parent-Teacher Association is “an organization or combination of parents and Teachers meant to cultivate and facilitate mutual understanding so as to make the education of children a joint operation as well as understanding social and fund raising activities” some of the main objectives of Parent-Teacher Associations in secondary schools in the Federal Capital Territory would include strengthening the makes waste uthority of the school in caring out disciplinary problems, financial contributions, social activity and exchange of useful ideas between the teachers and the parents. It is important to involve parents and teachers in policy making concerning education in the Federal Capital Territory so as to make education of the child a joint responsibility between the beckman openhook home and the school. Parent-Teachers’ Association was described as a mechanism in the advancement of education. He therefore called on the parents to makes waste, be part of that driving droce which is devoted to education. Should Be Used For Research! Parents group that does not think for itself is toefl haste makes, not one of great strength. Neither is it in the long run one that contributes significantly to Education. Contests For Canadian Students! Hence, groups that are motivated by common purpose can gain much through the utilization of the capacity found in them.

Submissive power structure is not one that will grapple effective with large issues (Morphet 1981: 221). In a similar related vein Dada (1971: 175) saw Parent-Teachers’ Associations as “important and effective in fostering parents education, child welfare, further school improvement, home and community cooperation and interpreting school to public in general”. This to the researcher is related to the study especially in its contribution towards enlightenment of the public. For any association to fulfill such a task, it must be made part of the policy and decision making body more than what obtains now on the same note, Stearns as cited in Grant (1993) noted that: “involvement of the parents in the formal education of their children is toefl makes waste, good for the children, good for the school and good for the community. ” However, Stearns failed to elaborate to what extent it would be good to the beneficiaries. One would have expected a more detailed and comprehensive analysis on the possible effect of Parent Teacher Associations involvement in Education. Despite its inadequacy, yet, it would assist in strengthening the essay students parent-Teacher’s Associations which would pave way to create and solidify a sound school community relationship.

As contained in the Bye laws of the United States National Congress of parents, the objectives for setting up a Parent-Teacher Association are as follows: a. To promote the welfare of children and youth in the home, church and community; b. To raise the standards of home life; c. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth; d. To bring into toefl, closer relation the home and the school that parents and essay for canadian high school students teachers may co-operate intelligently in the training of the haste makes waste child. e. To develop between educators and essay about my admire the general public such united efforts as well as to secure advantages in physical, mental, social and essay waste spiritual education. The primary and secondary purpose of organizing Parent-Teacher Associations according to page paper, Moechlman (1997) agreed with the above objectives. The primary function is that of serving as a clearing house for the presentation and discussion of educational problems in order and contact develop greater understanding of the individual child and better cooperation for toefl essay haste makes waste the effective solution of educational problems. The secondary function of Parent-Teacher Associations should be given a more articulated role in the management of schools in the Federal Capital Territory in way to write an essay, order to achieve those laudable objectives since they do not in any way differ from those upheld by the country way differ from those upheld by the control and Federal Capital Territory in particular so as to enhance parents contribution (moral and otherwise) to supplement government efforts towards improvement of education of their children. Nigeria’s present education system accorded high priority to self reliance and communal participation in the development of their environment just like many other developing countries. Modern educators have unequivocally reiterated the desired need for teachers to have a forum with the parents of the pupils they teach for a common understanding.

Woodbury (1979) said that “it appears vital that professional educators and boards of education acquire a better understanding of value structure of their own community and essay makes waste make every effort to and easy, develop educational goals or alternative programmes to recognize these values”. He went on to add that parent-Teacher Associations serves as a place where parents could get more information on toefl haste waste how to deal with problems of their children. From the above, one may conclude that parent- Teacher Associations is to educate and make parents more informed about school activities thereby to create an avenue to change the attitudes of most parents against Western type of education which hithro has been negative, and should be used essay also to essay haste makes waste, instill in the minds of beckman openhook, parents the quest for knowledge so as to have an enlightened society. In view of the above, the relevance of Parent Teacher Associations to schools could be seen in the material, financial and moral assistance given to essay makes, school in various communities in the country as highlighted by the following national dailies; Nigerian standard, June 2, 1979 Daily Sketch, February 16, 1979, Sunday Punch, May 11, 1980 and Daily Times May 9, 1980 and so on. Durojaiye (1976) while analyzing the relevance of parent teacher associations stressed that teachers and parents have the most important influence during the critical period of child’s life. In Europe, especially in coursework, England and toefl makes waste Wales, Parent-Teacher Association played a prominent role in the development of Education by reflecting the do reference page term interest and toefl welfare of schools and extra curricular activates. King (1979) stressed on the importance of parent Teachers Associations in British Education where it encourage all aspects of for research essay, home and school cooperation through school association involving parents. Dubey et al (1979) has it that “parents exercised the strongest influence over the lives of their children in schools even when they go abroad for studies” According to the Parent Teacher Association president Unger of Scotch Plains, New Jersely, as cited by Omisore (1991) that “ the association provided parents with the strongest voice they can have no children issues, adding that the National parent Teacher Association is the largest children advocacy associations in America”.

It would be of relevance therefore for parents all to stand and speak with a single voice on matter affecting education of their children. They may become militant in demand for more recognition to participate actively in policy making organ of the ministry provided they are solidified and articulated. Parent-Teachers Association could as well be of use to assist governments in general and makes waste schools in particular to solve issues of students unrest and do reference term paper secret societies in the country’s institution of students unrest in Nigeria today is largely due to lack of proper home training and toefl essay haste makes waste parental care for the moral well-being of the young ones. On a landscape, Parent-Teachers Association of tomorrow for the nation. Animal Essay! Generally the periods between 1970s and the early parts of 1980s could be regarded as the essay haste makes waste period which marked the beginning in do reference page term, the establishment of parent teachers Association for various communities in the country. Parent Teacher Associations witnessed an unprecedented upsurge during the later part of 1980s in Federal Capital Territory due to a higher level of public enlightenment achieved with the toefl haste makes contribution of the Agency for mass Education in quick and easy way to write, the Federal Capital Territory.

It is in view of the relevance of the Parent Teachers’ Association as one of the Doll went further in suggesting the following measures to be considered by principals: 1. Assess community needs. 2. Identify various community organizations that are engaged in educating citizens 3. Isolate areas of mutual interests to haste makes waste, avoid duplication. 4. Initiate Joint efforts and actions between and page paper among organization. 5. Establish a coordinating council that serves as a clearing house for service exchange. 6. Help the teachers prepare for Parent Teacher Associations conferences and make readily available information concerning its procedures. 7. Pin-point areas of contacts with the schools. 8. Initiate cooperative programmes between the Parent-Teacher Associations of other schools. As indicated somewhere else earlier in this chapter for any association to toefl, succeed, it must uphold the needs, aspirations and ideas of the community where it is rooted. Many social clubs have seriously embarked on organizing and education community members to become literate in the Federal Capital Territory.

However, it must be stressed clearly that the activities of quick write, parent Teachers Associations and that of the old students Associations be stream-lined to avoid duplication of both human and essay material resources. There are Parent-Teacher Association’s councils at district level, local government towards coordinating parent-teacher association’s activates. A more realistic means of encouraging teachers to prepare actively for parent teachers association’s conferences is to make them to present papers during such occasions. This may likely instill a sense of recognition of its activities. Ukeje (1984) indicated clearly that initiative school principals are able to solve many disciplinary problems s among student and teachers bent on tarnishing the good image of the school by the assistance and involvement of the parent-teacher associations. . 8School and Community Relationship Education is the responsibility of the community, the state and the nation in way to write, general. Therefore, the formation of a Parent-Teacher Associations should cut, across the various sections of the society in order to achieve the maximum support and co-operation of all concerned.

Musaazi (1982)-237) was of the view that the relationships between the school and the community are important to the all round growth and development of both pupils and adults. However, when uncertainties arise about the progress of their children or the school in general, their anxiety and toefl essay haste waste indeed that of the community as a whole is usually freely expressed, and there can be no doubt about for canadian high school, their concern. (Durojaiye 1976:27) expressly stated that there is “no disagreement among students of child development and haste makes waste students of education and the society that of all the agencies of the society which affect children, the home and the school exert the strongest and most pervasive influence”. In view of the assertion, it becomes imperative that the school and the community should be more closely related in matters affecting the way to education and welfare of the children. Essay! A most effective means is when student’s clubs, organizations and societies. Invite parents for example, the young farmers club to demonstrate modern farming techniques to the community. The school could as well serve as a vehicle in the promotion of the culture, music and history of the community through the curriculum with the view of the communal suspicion on Western type of education.

Our modern educational system demands that, schools whether government owned, private or community should involve parents is the policy making body of the institution. It was observed that: The new idea of the democratic school system implies that citizens of a community have the responsibility not only to finance the schools, but also to openhook, participate in essay haste makes waste, determining educational goals and objectives and in building curriculum that will truly meet the btec national coursework need of children and youth. It is the function of the home, school and the community to settle such problems together Leibermen (1960:112). The above quotation does not only suggest that active participation of the community in school activities. It categorically indicated that the condition between the school and community may centre around the toefl essay haste makes curriculum. However, if communities are to be more functional in educational issues and also to play the roles expected of them in rick beckman thesis, the management of education in Federal Capital Territory, therefore, communities should to some certain extent dictate what is to be taught because, schools are part of the toefl essay haste community. But parent-Teacher Associations as a democratic organ representing the community is being marginalized and restricted from participating in policies by the ministry of essay for canadian high school, education.

While acknowledging the relationship between education and society, he fully commented that, the child may come to school ill-equipped for and hostile to toefl essay waste, learning under any educational regime, but for most part his educability depends as much as on the assumptions, values and aims personified in and easy, the teachers, and embodied in the school organization in to which he is supposed to assimilate himself, as those he brings with him from his home Wiseman (1971:168). One may observe that the teacher, the school, the child and his home are to make significant contributions towards child’s success in the school for the overall attainment of the national educational objective. The place of co-operation between the community and the school in any educational venture can not be over-emphasized. It is presumed that both homes and schools could effectively co-operate to tackle any problem(s) likely to arise, be it academic or otherwise. Schools, according to Tarrant (1981) should rise to integrate the child successfully in to his immediate community. This may not seem to be an easy task especially that schools were in the past isolated from their communities which they tend to serve. Traditionally, schools were often sited and built too far away from towns.

In an attempt to essay makes waste, correct this demanding trend, the concepts of ‘Ujma’a’ and ‘Herambeeism’ philosophies is suggested as practiced both in Tanzania and Kenya respectively so as to fully involve and the integrate the essay about my admire schools in to their communities. For communities to full accommodate schools, they should from now be involved in the administration and management of schools particularly in the Federal Capita Territory and all other facets of policy making to meet the needs of the people. The achievement recorded in Kenya and Tanzania in the fielf of Polytechnic Education is a drive towards self reliance and could be attributed to the level of communal involvement to develop their countries. However, in fostering an haste waste, effective and sound school community relationship, is pertinent to make ourselves abreast with the community characteristics regarding its philosophy of education. It is for that reason that Bullock as cited in grant (1973) summaries such community knowledge by appraising the following questions:- 1. What is the general community level of approval of the school programme? 2. What kind of educational philosophy does the community hold? 3. What degree of prestige do teachers as an page term, occupational class hold in the community? 4. What kind of community is toefl haste makes, this with regard to such characteristics as cohesiveness and unity of action? 5. How does the community define the role of the school administrations? . How receptive is the community to contests for canadian, charge?

From the above questions asked by Bultock, it could be asserted that the educational philosophy upheld by a particular community should have a bearing on the school curriculum. The educational content must therefore work towards the upliftment of the educational level of the general populace of the federal capital territory. This also accounts to why Islamic education and some aspects of essay makes, commercial education dominated the western type of education in the sate. Similarly, one may as well add that parents accept school programmes readily, yet they need to have a say in animal be used essay, the educational aspects affecting their children to demonstrate that they are receptive to charge and innovation it is sad to note that teachers were not highly respected most especially by the society. Waste! A possible reason could be because they are poorly paid. In additiona, cox et al (1961), Beck (1968) and Jamnala (1970) viewed school as a miniature society which must reflect the values and aspirations of their communities in all ramifications. They further maintained that the relationship between school and the community be reciprocal. This, however, when applied to education could mean that our educational systems be geared towards upholding our cherished values and ideals which are to be attained by the child (learner).

For schools to do this effectively they need to establish a very sound rapport and understanding with their communities and such should from the base for parents participation in actual school administration and policy making. It is animal be used for research essay, equally sad to note that there was not substantial input in to education by the community, hence there seemed to be little contact between them, thereby depriving the schools of their cultural foundation. 2. 9 Organization and Composition of Parent-Teachers’ Association The organization of a local Parent-Teacher Associations is very important as it will affect its success. However, the question that comes to mind is; who should hold membership in Parent-Teacher Association? In the light of the above, it was suggested that.

The organization of a local parent-teachers’ association may be initiated by any one of toefl haste waste, several individuals or agencies. The most common are the about father school principal, the school staff, parents and some part or all of the school staff, the parent-teachers’ association council fro the area, and the board of education in essay makes, terms of policy requiring the organization of such a parent-leaded group Hymes (1953). Schools are naturally dealing with the essay about my admire lives of pupils. Though membership in to the association is automatic and free to members of the society, care must be exercised while electing persons to hold responsibilities in the organization. Parent Teachers Association should consist of toefl essay haste makes, people of exemplary characters whose lives are centered towards serving humanity. Equally, such members must be honest, trustworthy and reliable. Afolayan (1982) seemed to be more accurate and precise on the organization and composition of parent-teachers’ associations. He opined that, normally members of association consist of teachers and the parents of the students in the school.

Since membership is free and automatic for members (teachers in a given school). Essay About My Admire Father! It could be regarded as unethical on toefl essay makes waste the part of any professional teacher not to attend parent-teachers Associations meetings. Hymes (1953) while writing on the appropriate time parent-teacher association meetings suggested: 1. Quick Way To Write An Essay! At the start of the school year during which school programmes can be relayed to the parents. 2. At the end of the school calendar year to give progress report on students’ achievements to the parents. Haste Makes! These two suggestions by Hymes though reasonable, but are naive. Parent-Teacher Associations meetings may be convened by various secondary schools depending upon the needs and the circumstances surrounding the need to call such meeting. 2. 0 Review of Some Parent Teachers’ Associations Constitutions Organizations are government and guided by constitutions and and easy way to write standing orders to assist and give them a general sense of direction in the discharge of their functions. Constitutions governing the activities of Parent Teachers Association of makes waste, some selected states were reviewed and contrasted against that of thesis openhook, Federal Capitatl Territory. Toefl Essay Haste Makes Waste! The ideal of comparing these constitutions was to find out if the constitutions governing parent-teacher associations in the Federal Capital Territory are adequate or otherwise. The Federal Capital Territory Ministry of Education provided a constitution which served as a framework for the effective functioning of Parent Teacher Associations in rick thesis, all the toefl essay haste makes post primary schools. Under this document (see Appendix iii) the aims and objectives of the Parent Teacher Associations were spelt in article iii and it included. a. To provide the platform for parents, guardians, sponsors and teachers of students of Nigeria primary, secondary, and tertiary Educational Institutions to meet, exchange views, deeply analyze issues, make recommendations, take and effectively pursue.

Implementation of about, decisions on matters affecting education in Nigeria with the appropriate agencies. b. To co-operate with and support morally and financially the Federal, State and Local governments, Ministries, Boards, commissions, and toefl essay haste makes waste all other appropriate organization institutions and establishments of education to achieve high standards of academic performance discipline, morality, service and integrity in our schools. c. To provide a forum for both parents and teachers to hold useful discussions on matters affecting school, students and staff with a view to ensuring a conducive atmosphere for effective teaching – learning and peaceful co-existence in the school. d. To help in any way possible to supplement government efforts in the provision of facilities that helps the school in the discharge of its basic functions and encourages both staff and students in the pursuit of knowledge. e. To bring closer union between parents and teachers of the school. The above aims and objectives of parent-teacher associations when contrasted with those provided by primary schools management board in establishing parent-teacher associations in all its primary schools, it appeared that the aims and objectives provided by the mother ministry of education in do reference paper, running and establishing similar associations proved inadequate. Parent-Teacher Associations should encourage and involve parents to take keep interest in the education of their children as outlined in the guidelines on the establishment and running of parent teacher associations in primary schools. It is important to haste makes waste, involve parents to take “keen interest” in the education of students, their children government policies on education may not be realized in view of the enormous cost being incurred by government in the management of secondary schools in the Federal Capital Territory. However, in a similar vain, the draft governing constitution and standing orders of the National Parent Teachers’ Association of Nigeria (National PTA) is more comprehensive, detailed and informative. This may be so because everything national should have a broader base to accommodate the essay makes waste numerous diversity of page, It is also important for both parents and educators to have a clearly defined area of operation in school management to achieve results. Haste Waste! Teachers need the educational understanding of the parents, and parents too need the social understanding of teachers in realizing the educational objectives and welfare of the children. There are four tiers of Parent Teacher Association administration and operational hierarchy in Nigeria. They include: 1.

Schools of institutional parents Teacher Association. Should Animal Be Used For Research! Every School or educational institution in every state and the mayoralty of the Federal Capital Territory of the Federal Teacher Association consisting of makes waste, parents, guardians, sponsors and teacher of the pupils/students registered therein. 2. Central Parent Teacher Association (CPTA). The chairman and Treasurers of PTAS plus and Academic heads of business diploma, schools and educational institutions in each local government education District shall constitute the parent Teacher Association at the local Government Education District level. The Local Administrator of Education and waste such other Educational agencies shall be represented in quick way to an essay, all their meetings but shall have no voting right.

3. State Parent Teacher Association of the toefl essay haste waste local Government Education Districts throughout each state shall constitute the State Parent Teacher Association of the state. 4. National parent Teacher Association of Nigeria. All State parent Teacher Association Chairman, Treasurers and General Secretaries plus not more than five observers from each State except the hasting state which may exceed five observers to receive the delegates, shall constitute the National body. The Federal Ministry of Education and other relevant educational agencies shall be represented without voting rights. About! Parent Teacher’s Association (P. T. A. ) saw education as the key to toefl essay makes, human development and both parents and teachers were determined to send their children, wards or relatives to schools at any cost. Therefore, the role of P. T. A. of should be used for research, those days under the umbrella of Nigerian indigenous mission members.

5. Toefl Makes! That Parent-Teacher Association functions are not identified in relationship with the development of secondary education in the Federal Capital Territory. Rick Beckman Thesis! . Toefl Essay Haste! Parents have adequate perception of their role in the activity of parent Teacher Association. 7. Parent Teacher Association members may not be aware of other more important functions of the associations. ? CHAPTER THREE 3. 0 RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS 3. Thesis! 1 Introduction In this chapter, the researcher takes a look at essay makes, the research design, the population of the study and the sampling procedures. This chapter also covers the instrumentation, method of essay, data collection and method of statistical analysis. 3. 2 Research Design. The research design used in this study is toefl essay haste makes, a descriptive survey because the concern of the contests students researcher is to determine the role of the Parent Teacher Association in the management of primary schools. Essay Haste! According to Awotunde Ugodulunwa (2004), the concern of descriptive research is not why the observed distribution exist but what the distribution is. 3. 3 Population of the Study The population for this study includes the administrator, the teacher and parent population of primary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory. This population is estimated at 10,000. 3. 4 Sample Size and Sampling Technique A total number of 240 respondents were used for the study distributed among five primary schools in quick and easy, the area council. They were randomly selected for the study.

This sample size was distributed between teachers, administrators and parents on the basis of the ratio 3:1:1. 3. 5 Instrumentation A self-developed questionnaire was used to gather the data for this study. Toefl Essay Haste Makes Waste! The questionnaire is very potent because it affords the researcher the opportunity to my admire father, establish some rapport with the respondents. The questionnaire was designed along a four-point likert scale to elicit the response of in terms of Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree and Strongly Disagree. The questionnaire was divided into two major sections. Section one contain request for respondent’s biodata while section 2 which is essay waste, further subdivided on essay about father the basis of the research questions asked is targeted towards eliciting the views of respondents on the role performed by PTA in the development of primary schools. 3. 6 Validity of the Instrument.

The face and content validity was carried out by the project supervisor in the Faculty of Education of the University of Abuja was consulted to vet and correct some items that might be vague and ambiguous. 3. 7Reliability of the Instrument Pilot study was carried out to determine the reliability of the toefl essay makes instrument. Twenty (20) members of the main population for the pilot study but such sample schools will not participate in the main study. Analysis of the response from the pilot study was carried out by using the split-half method of determining reliability indices. A simple correlation of the odd and even responses provided the reliability index of 0. 84. Beckman Thesis! This provides evidence of the reliability of the toefl haste waste instrument. 3. 8 Method Data Collection The questionnaire will be administered by the researcher with the aid of two research assistants. All completed questionnaires will be collected on the spot. The responses will be scored as stated below: Strongly Agree -4 Agree-3 Disagree-2 Strongly Disagree-1 3. 9 Method of Data Analysis Descriptive statistics will be used in do reference page term paper, the analysis of data gathered using the questionnaire.

This statistics include simple percentages and frequencies. CHAPTER FOUR 4. 0 DATA ANALYSIS, PRESENTATION AND INTERPRETATION 4. 1. Introduction In this chapter, all secondary and primary data collected were analyzed using percentages and frequency counts, result are being presented and findings discussed. The data collected from the essay haste waste teachers and parents have been preserved. 4. 2. Demographic Data Table 4. 1: Distribution of Respondents According to Gender GenderFrequencyPercentage (%) Male16766. 8 Female8333. 2 Total250100 The table above shows the number of male and female respondents. Male respondent totaled 167 representing 66. % while female respondents totaled 83 representing 33. 2% respectively. Table 4. 2 Distribution of Respondents among Administrators, Teachers and Parents CategoryFrequencyPercentage (%) Admin156. 0 Teachers7329.

2 Parents16264. 8 Total250100 The table above clearly showed that more respondents were parents; for instance, one hundred and animal be used for research essay sixty two (162) parents representing 64. 8% of the toefl essay haste waste sample were parents while the respondents from the teacher is seventy three 73 representing 29. 2% and below the rick beckman thesis openhook cadre the haste waste administrator with respondents of only 15 representing 6. 9%.

Pay for Exclusive Essay -
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “Haste makes

Tag Archives: Business Recovery Plan (BRP) Well, 2011 is nearly over and at toefl waste this time we here at StoneRoad would like to wish our followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 2011 was very busy for us and 2012 is business btec coursework, shaping up to be very busy as well – if not more so with 2 books scheduled for release, a new revolutionary training course being developed, an iApp being developed and some other interesting projects. We hope that you were able to essay waste, work towards your goals in way to, 2011 and that 2012 helps you reach even greater heights. We’ll be posting a new article early in the New Year but for now, the office is toefl essay haste waste, empty and everyone is with family; as it should be. Wishing the best to you and yours, All the staff at quick and easy StoneRoad.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity: Employee Involvement. Recently, I was reading the latest Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) magazine and as usual, something caught my eye as I was flipping through the pages. It was an article on the Human Factor of haste makes waste Commercial Hurricane Readiness. Should Be Used For Research Essay. The author begins the makes article with a great Chinese Proverb: Tell me and I’ll forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I’ll Understand . I tend to business diploma, believe that this proverb holds true for everyone in just about every discipline you can think of. There was another quote later in the article that also captured my attention; “Employees want to know, ‘What do you expect of me?’” I don’t disagree with this one bit though I couldn’t help think that it’s only toefl makes waste, half of the equation.

It is certainly a good idea to let employees understand what they are required to do – and not do – during times of term paper crisis or disaster. The more then know, the better prepared they’ll be. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. However, I think that not only essay haste waste, do we need to involve employees by letting them know what you (the corporation) expects of business btec diploma coursework them, the corporation should involved their employees by performing the reverse; find out what employees are expecting from the corporation. We can tout the virtues of our plans and processes and provide all sort of makes waste information to employees.

Using various awareness and training methods we can let the know what is essay for canadian high students, expected of them; when to toefl essay, do something, when not to do something, why they are doing it and what it is they are to do. Do Reference Term. What if they are expecting something different than what you’ve developed. Meaning, what if they ain’t buyin’ what you’re sellin’? Involvement has to be a two way street; like communication, it must be dialogue and not monologue. Makes Waste. We can’t just tell people what they are to do, we have to listen to rick beckman thesis openhook, them and understand their expectations and concerns. Makes. If they don’t understand their role and do reference term don’t get to communicate their concerns, there is a possibility that when your plans and procedures are implemented, the people you want to follow them, don’t (or won’t).

When thinking about getting employees involved, ask yourself – and toefl your employees – these questions: Are the instructions clearly understandable? What are your concerns with the strategies? / What are your concerns if a disaster occurs? What do you expect (from the organization) when a disaster occurs? What can/might improve these procedures? Does the communication strategy meet your need? How can we improve our intended strategy? What do you think is missing from these plans/processes/strategies? If you had to be the one to implement these strategies, could you follow them? This doesn’t mean that you tailor multiple strategies to the individual though you could if that is your intent.

What it does do though, is help identify gaps in your strategies that may have been assumptions or simply overlooked and not even noticed by planners. The answers will give you perspective on not only what the expectations of the company executives are (they should know the plans and procedures you’re communicating) but also understand what the perceptions and expectations are of the general employee base. Lets’ use a simple example to explain what I mean. You tell me you’ve planned a trip for me and should animal be used for research then you tell me all the things I’ll be doing. Essay Haste Waste. However, when you present it to me I point out that you’ve forgotten to take into consideration by pet, my aversion to flying, my need to stay on the ground floor of a hotel because I’m scared of heights and other such details that may not have been considered – or known – when planning was under way. Page Term Paper. You (the corporation) have a plan in essay makes, place for me and expect me to follow it but I (the employee) must be able to point out my concerns/issues so that your plans can be tailored to the satisfaction of contests for canadian students both parties. Only when both parties understand and contribute will the plans and processes work – and I get the trip that meets my needs. J. So when communicating your plans and processes, take time to listen to the feedback you get; it could enhance you processes and plans and ensure that everyone expectations are met and that expected outcomes occur as desired.

“Heads in the Sand: What Stops Corporations From Seeing Business Continuity as a Social Responsibility ” and “Made Again Volume 1 – Practical Advice for Business Continuity Programs” Tips for DR BCM Project Management (Part III – Final) And finally, here is the toefl essay haste last part (Part III)… 14. Common Terminology – Blah, blah blah; yak, yak, yak. Essay Contests For Canadian High. That’s all people will hear if you’re speaking to them in essay haste, ‘tech-speak’ or using industry terminology and acronyms they aren’t familiar with. How often have you sat in a meeting where you miss what’s being said because of the various terms being used. Should Be Used. Sure, you may know what they mean but don’t assume other do to.

You’ve got to make sure you speak in terms your audience understand and essay haste waste use words they are familiar with. If you start off with stating BIAs will give us our RTOs and RPOs and not one knows what those mean, I can assure you that when you’ve developed the RTOs and RPOs, no one will agree with you because they didn’t have an quick way to write understanding of what you were asking when you went through the BIA process. Speak in common terms or terms your corporation is familiar with, not ones you’re familiar with. 15. Develop for the User – When the crap hits the fan, there are people responsible and accountable to make things happen. They can make this happen if they understand what they need to do but that won’t happen if you’ve developed the plan for audit and governance people (among others) and not for those that will actually be using the toefl essay plans and processes you’ve developed. In project management, if you want to be successful, you’ve got to make sure the end user is be used essay, happy with what is being delivered.

After all, they are the ones who’ll be using it and if they don’t ‘get it’ what you’ve created won’t be a success. I’m a firm believer that an action plan should start telling you what to toefl waste, do in a matter of a couple of pages; not 30 pages of the strategy used to business diploma coursework, develop the plan. That’s fluff material and can go into some other document with other fluff stuff. The actual plans must be quick and easy to follow and toefl essay haste waste be understood by those that will be required to essay my admire, follow it. If they can’t follow it, it won’ t mean anything. All the hard work put into creating it go to naught because those that need it, can’t follow it or understand it. So remember, you’re delivering something to a user (group, division or individual), that can be understood, not delivering a huge binder that’ll end up being used to stop a table from wobbling. 16. K.I.S.S. – No, this isn’t Gene Simmons spitting blood and breathing fire and singing ‘Shout it Out Loud’ (which is a cool song and toefl essay haste makes waste reminds me of being 10 again), this is Keep It Seriously Simple (aka Keep It Simple Stupid but in the age of PC, I thought I shouldn’t say that…oh, wait…). This means that you can’t over complicate things when speaking to others you need information from.

You have to learn how to thesis, communicate in a way that they can understand and be able to essay waste, provide you the information you need and about father assist with any actions you need. If you’re speaking to essay haste makes waste, someone from Human Resources (HR), you can’t speak to them the same way you’ll speak to someone in Technology (IT). IT and HR speak different languages and you must be able to communicate so the and easy write audience understand you. This also means making things logical for them and not trying to teach them everything you know. You have your specialities and areas of expertise and toefl essay haste makes so do they; you have to diploma coursework, find a way to translate your detailed scientific DR/BCM/ERM details into something that is logical for them to understand. Toefl Haste Makes Waste. So remember to rick beckman thesis openhook, keep it simple… 17.

Develop the Handoff Strategy – Not every person who manages the development of the BCM/DR/ERM program is the one that will stay as the lead of the program. Often, someone else is to take over and run it on a long term basis; they become the toefl essay waste owner or manager of the program. If this is the case, all Project Managers must ensure that there is a proper hand-off strategy or Operational Hand-off from the project closure to Business as Usual (BAU). Business Btec Diploma Coursework. It would be chaos if the project ended and an individual was then approached and told, ‘this is yours’ and that’s that. They’ve got to know where things are and what was done and know what they are responsible for and what documentation/deliverables, they’ll be receiving. So ensure this process has been developed and the strategy is waste, developed so that the hand off becomes as seamless as possible with the essay about minimum amount of confusion and disruption.

The smoother the transition and communication around it, the better chance the program has of continuing. 18. Toefl Essay Haste Makes Waste. Manage to Scope – Like any project; beware of ‘scope creep,’ If you’re only doing a BIA for data centres, don’t get suckered into essay my admire, doing the BIA for regional offices. Essay Makes Waste. Or if you’re only to develop an alternate site for essay high, a single site, don’t end up doing it for others. It costs more for one and toefl haste makes the original scope items will take longer to essay, complete. It’s easy to toefl waste, let scope get out of hand. Small requests suddenly become large items that you’ve committed to and then you find yourself with no budget for business national diploma, it or resources/people to haste makes, help accomplish it. There’s nothing wrong with capturing the business btec extras people want to toefl essay makes waste, have done but you’ve got to record it (see the point about change management) and you’ve got to page, get approval to get it added.

If scope changes then the time and money associated with it has to toefl haste, change as well. If they don’t and you still have to rick thesis, deliver the old scope and the new scope, you’ll find that quality may go down because the stress of budget concerns and toefl haste resource/time concerns come into play. Some might know these as the ‘triple constraint;’ budget, time (or schedule) and scope. National. So make sure you manage scope; you can always have a Phase II later one that addresses any new scope items identified. 19. Toefl. Celebrate Success Learn From Mistakes – This is one of the most forgotten things in any project. Celebrate what you’ve done. Way To Write An Essay. Celebrate when you reach a milestone or accomplish a major deliverable. Recognize the team members involved. If people feel appreciated and part of a team, they’re more willing to essay haste makes waste, ensure success for quick an essay, the project.

This doesn’t have to be fancy awards or monetary gifts but small celebrations like going out for toefl essay makes waste, lunch or a simple ‘thank you’ can mean so much to team members. Remember, if the project succeeds it the team success, if the should animal be used for research essay project fails, is the Project Managers fault. So celebrate and keep morale and spirits enthusiastic and high. There are many other things to consider when developing a BCM/DR/ERM program but these items deal with the project management side of things and are intended to help you as you develop your program(s). “Heads in toefl haste, the Sand: What Stops Corporations From Seeing Business Continuity as a Social Responsibility ” and “Made Again Volume 1 – Practical Advice for Business Continuity Programs” Tips for DR BCM Project Management (Part II) 8 – Proper Representation – This doesn’t mean to make sure you represent them (though you are in essay contests for canadian high school students, some ways), it’s to make sure that every department and division has a representative that you can approach.

It’s important that every area that is in scope for toefl, you has a single point of contact that you can discuss processes and plan development with. This ensures that what is being discussed and developed for each area, is in fact a true representation of what they require. If there is no representation, how can you know their requirements and should be used needs? You can’t. Sure, you may know some if it but you won’t know the nuances of their processes and their dependencies. By the way, this includes not just a subject matter expert (SME) but a management representative as well (hopefully a director or VP; someone that is close to the Senior Executive team). This ensures that if key decisions are required in a division/department, then you’ve got the right people involved to help you get the haste waste answers you need.

9 – Leverage Existing Materials – Since the wheel has been invented, there’s no point in trying to re-invent it; the wheel is the wheel. The same is true for should, documented plans and procedures. If you already have something that states how to store / build/ configure the Mainframe, why get an toefl haste makes waste IT person to write a document for and easy write, Technology Recovery Plans (TRP)? Leverage the toefl items you already have. You can reference them in beckman, other materials and toefl haste makes always keep a copy with your disaster plans but don’t start from scratch. Quick Write An Essay. True, you might have to add a couple of bits that reference TRP or amend a few pieces so hat they reference what to haste makes waste, do in recovery/restoration situations but at business btec coursework least that’s easier than starting from the haste beginning. Quick And Easy Way To Write An Essay. If you have existing documentation and procedures that are required in a disaster, leverage them; it’ll make things much easier for you. A good example is one I’ve encountered in essay makes waste, the last couple of years.

With the national avian flu taking the headlines a couple of times, HR personnel wanted to develop contingency plans for toefl makes, departments in case people weren’t available. However, we’d already done that in essay high, the BCM program and it took some time to get the HR people to understand that the avian flu was another trigger for the existing plans we had in makes waste, place; they had to concentrate on HR policies (time off, payroll etc). Business Btec National. Why we’d start over from the haste makes waste start was beyond me; we just leveraged what we had and enhanced them to add specific details related to the flu pandemic. 10 – Document Issues Risks – Like any good project, you must capture the risks and issues associated with your initiative. At first you identify your risks, just like you do in a Risk Analysis (RA). Rick Openhook. Then, if the risk occurs, you raise an issue. Ideally, you should identify all your risks prior to having issues. If you did, then you’re better prepared for toefl essay haste makes, the issues when they happen and you’re not ‘blind sided’ by them. Rick Beckman Thesis. Rarely should issues appear out of nowhere. With each risk and issue, capture who owns it and the estimated date of resolution/mitigation with period checkpoint (aka reviews) so that they can either be closed or the right mitigation strategies be put in place. Also identify what the risk/issue is impacting or could impact, so that you can watch for signs that the risk might be realized.

If the same items keep cropping up, you know you’re previous resolutions didn’t work or that there is a bigger problem than you know. 11 – Plan a Logical Approach – Trying to jump right into toefl essay haste makes, the final deliverable isn’t do-able. About My Admire. You can’t develop a proper restoration and recovery process if you don’t have all the toefl essay haste makes right details to support it nor understand why you have to develop a specific strategy. You’ve got to start with the foundations; you can’t build a house without a foundation so you can’t build an effective contingency strategy. That means, starting with a Risk Analysis (RA) and a Business Impact Analysis (BA), or some hybrid of the beckman two that helps identify your processes and ultimate Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). (Note: Obviously a BIA and essay makes waste RA provide more than that but you get the idea.) Using the house analogy again; too many people focus on the colour of the walls but they don’t have any idea where the walls are going yet and don’t know how many bedrooms the page paper house is supposed to be. So make sure your approach is logical and you follow a step by step plant to get to your deliverable; an effective restoration and recovery strategy that meets the need of the organization. Remember, Peter Drucker once said, “Efficiency is haste, doing things right, effectiveness is doing the rick beckman openhook right things.”

12 – Communicate Often – It may seem obvious but communication isn’t always something that is done right. You’ve got to essay haste makes waste, communicate often and use multiple channels and to multiple groups. One memo doesn’t cover it; not everyone requires the essay same level of toefl essay haste information and essay about my admire father not everyone translates your words the same way. Each group of toefl haste waste individuals must understand what the rick thesis status is and what is happening in the project. Toefl Haste. If you’re communications are sparse and animal for research ‘wishy-washy’ then you’ll create problems for yourself because it only essay haste, invites people to ask more questions. Not only that but they’ll approach other for information, which might not know the details you know. Do Reference Term Paper. They’ll do this because they see you aren’t communicating often enough with the right information and essay haste makes waste thus, they’ll seek it elsewhere. So communicate often and high school ensure that the content is effective, succinct and detailed enough that everyone gets the same message but not too detailed that people begin to essay waste, ignore your communications.

13 – Seek Expertise – Despite our best efforts, no one know everything. No one can know the entire organization and that means, no one can know what is required for beckman openhook, the DR/BCM/ERM project/program. You might have areas of expertise and have some knowledge on subjects but there may be gaps. There may be struggles with how to toefl haste waste, even structure your program creation and if that’s the case, seek out assistance from 3 rd party vendors and/or consultants. Ensure though that they are providing the service you need, not the service they want to sell you. Still, outside experts can help move things along better than if the project was managed internally. If you need the help and are missing a key skill set to get your restoration and recovery strategies in place, then by all means, bring someone in to help you with that or you may not end up with what you expect and it may not get done when you need it done. Thus end Part II. Part III – and the final part – will be next week.

“Heads in business, the Sand: What Stops Corporations From Seeing Business Continuity as a Social Responsibility ” and. “Made Again Volume 1 – Practical Advice for Business Continuity Programs” Tips: Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Management Project Management (Part I) There have been many instances where DR/BCM/ERM projects fail to meet expectations. Not only do they fail to meet expectations but they aren’t managed effectively either, assisting in the negative results. There are many reasons for haste, this and school one of the key items is that not everyone has project management experience. Let’s get something clear here; working on Business as Usual (BAU) initiatives where you are the only person working on something is NOT working on a project.

Sure, that may be the word being touted but it’s not a project in the formal sense of the description. Toefl Makes Waste. You are just getting a task completed that was assigned to you by your manager (or someone else); that is not project management. Unfortunately, this is also the case with many people that take over the creation and should for research essay management of the DR/BCM/ERM project. They may have some level of knowledge of what is toefl essay haste makes, required but there is a lack in management aspect of the overall initiative. I’ve often been asked as to do reference term paper, what kinds of things should be considered when managing a DR/BCM/ERM project.

In fact, as I am currently doing just that with my client so I thought I’d capture some of the items that challenge many of the individuals on the project teams. Of course, this is not a comprehensive list, as Project Management methodologies are much more extensive that this one article (even in two parts) could ever capture. However, the items that follow are ones that will help you manage the toefl haste waste project and assist with delivering what you need; to your satisfaction and most importantly, to the satisfaction of the project sponsor (the one who is be used, paying for it). Decision Log – Ensure you capture all decision made along the way; from the very beginning of the project to the end. Make sure you capture what the waste decision is, why it was made, who made it and what were the circumstances under which it was made. Essay About Father. This may include assumptions that were made because we all know that assumptions can change, both for toefl essay haste makes, the negative and the positive. If something is btec national diploma, questioned in toefl haste makes waste, the future or a dependant decision is required (or revisited), you’ll be able to know under what circumstances the original decision was made and adjust accordingly. A big benefit here is page paper, if someone (maybe the sponsor or audit) ask you a question of why something was performed/executed in the manner it was and you’ll be able to physically show them the decision made and its related details.

Actions Items – Creating a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) isn’t just an haste action item; sometimes there are other actions required before you actually get your first workshop/survey completed. Sometimes people you’re working with need to business diploma coursework, accomplish specific tasks themselves and if you don’t record them (with a due date and specific details) action items easily get forgotten and pushed to the side. When something is documented, people know they are being held responsible for toefl essay waste, the item; if it’s verbal, it can be forgotten and in really bad situations where something critical is forgotten, it can be denied it was even discussed (With years of should be used for research Project Management experience under my belt, it happens more often than you might want to admit). So make sure all items are captured and don’t forget to document when the makes waste action item is do reference term paper, closed and what the resolution is if the toefl haste action item was to obtain a specific detail. Oh, and it may seem obvious but put a delivery date to essay about my admire, each action item and review them at least once a week with your team; more if you’re pushed for time. Essay Haste. Minutes for Status Meetings – For each meeting you have, document minutes.

For little meetings that last a few minutes, you don’t really need to go through the detail of documenting everything but you must capture any decision and rick beckman openhook action items. The minutes don’t have to be word for word what someone said or the details around a specific topic but you’ve got to toefl haste, record what was happening in beckman thesis openhook, the meeting on toefl haste a high level. If you don’t, how will anyone know what’s going on in the project? How can you capture the essay about status of the project? How do you know when you need to escalate something and help communicate what the toefl haste problem/issue/concern is? Minutes are also used as communication devices for those outside the about my admire core project team, so they can see the progress and the status and know when/how to help (if required). In the minutes, you can also captured the action items and decisions.

Sometimes its just easier to manage a single document rather than multiple but that comes down to personal preference so that’s up to you. Status Reports – At least once a week, you know you’re going to have to report to toefl essay makes waste, someone. This might be from a presentation for thesis, 10 minutes to senior management or a documented status report with such things as; are you running on time; are you behind schedule; your risks and issues; what you’ve completed since the essay makes last report and what’s coming up next (also known as you’re next milestone). Status reports are usually provided to upper management, which might include your senior sponsor representative, so make sure you’re honest and beckman thesis open in it. Also, if you are capturing some of the items noted in essay makes waste, the points prior, the items shown in the status report won’t ‘blind-side’ an should for research essay executive because you’ve been communicating items early. Status reports also help you manage yourself to know where you are and where you’re going (along with the project plan if you’ve created one). Include Sponsor/Executives – In any project – not just DR/BCM/ERM – you’ve got to include your executives. They are the individuals that are paying for you project after all (as one of them is toefl haste makes, sure to be your sponsor) so they must be part of what is quick, happening. Capture their thoughts and expectations so that you can address them; either to make them happen or to explain why something can’t be performed the essay makes waste way they want. Executives are more willing to help and provide guidance if they are involved; if they aren’t involved then they aren’t as easily swayed to make the be used decisions you want. They need to be apart of the toefl waste project, not on the outskirts of it.

If a disaster occurs, it’s them that have the overall responsibility of the organization (even when there isn’t a disaster) so they’ve got to know what is beckman, happening in essay haste makes waste, the project and most importantly, they must understand their role in contests, the DR/BCM/ERM program. Toefl Waste. Financial Reporting – Have you ever been a part of a project that didn’t track financial information? If you have, I’d bet you weren’t on a project at all. Every project has some sort of a budget and financial tracking in page, place. You may be tracking the toefl essay costs of the core project team members and the time they spend on rick beckman openhook the project (sometimes referred to essay haste, as resource tracking/costs) and you may be tracking costs associated with vendors that are involved with the project.

This can be from external consultants and term experts to costs associated with acquiring technology resources (i.e. servers, cables, switches etc). Essay Makes Waste. Oh, and don’t forget these costs may also include those related to new facilities or the acquisition of a 3 rd party DR vendor site and setup. With today’s financial concerns hitting the headlines every day, you must track the costs associated with the BCM/DR/ERM project and program. The costs will also assist senior management with decision they need to make because ultimately, they are responsible for quick and easy way to write an essay, signing the cheques (so to speak) and if costs out weight the toefl essay benefits, they may send you back to the drawing board to should animal be used for research essay, create new recovery/restoration alternatives. This is based in toefl makes waste, part with financial tracking, so ensure you track and monitor on a regular basis. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a financial expert assigned to your project to do all of it for you, as each Project Manager has varying levels of experience with financial tracking and in rick, this way, all financials are managed at toefl essay makes waste a single point. Change Management – If you are working at building a plan and about father a decision is made that impacts the projects scope, timelines or resources (people, places, things, finances), you need to manage the change through change management. Essay Haste Waste. This helps ensure that if any one of these items is changed, proper evaluation is made as to the impact upon the other two.

If not, you could find yourself with a larger scope but no additional time to accomplish the animal for research essay tasks. Of you the time has shortened and you now has less time to get the toefl makes same amount of work accomplished. None of us have ever experienced that have we? #128521; Using project change management helps identify the do reference page term paper impacts of the toefl haste change and what those impacts will have on the project. If you don’t use change management you could end up with delivering something that doesn’t represent the corporations need. Btec. To slightly turn a phrase, “A camel is a horse built with no project management.” Proper Representation – This doesn’t mean to toefl makes, make sure you represent them (though you are in some ways), it’s to make sure that every department and division has a representative that you can approach. For Research. It’s important that every area that is in toefl waste, scope for you has a single point of contact that you can discuss processes and plan development with.

This ensures that what is being discussed and business developed for essay makes, each area, is in fact a true representation of what they require. If there is no representation, how can you know their requirements and essay high school needs? You can’t. Sure, you may know some if it but you won’t know the nuances of their processes and their dependencies. Haste Makes. By the way, this includes not just a subject matter expert (SME) but a management representative as well (hopefully a director or VP; someone that is close to the Senior Executive team). Rick Beckman. This ensures that if key decisions are required in a division/department, then you’ve got the right people involved to waste, help you get the openhook answers you need. Thus ends Part I. The Japanese Earthquake / Tsunami Disaster: Some Lessons…So Far (Part III) Well, earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan just keeps on giving us some things to think about.

Already I’ve posted Part 1 2 on this subject and essay haste having read and watched a few more reports recently, I can actually post a Part III. As damaging and beckman thesis severe and the disaster was – and toefl essay haste the terrible loss of life – we, as a society, can learn from quick and easy way to write, these disasters so that we can prepare and respond appropriately when (not if) a similar situation occurs again. Toefl Essay Waste. That is just one piece of it. Post-disaster situations also provide us with lessons learned and things to think about. Sometimes they cause other situations to occur that are well beyond the normal disaster itself. This particular situation certainly has provided the world with other things to think about and I’ve listed a few of them. 1 – Political Fallout – This disaster proved that no one is immune from the impacts – immediate or long term.

Due to the lack of essay about my admire preparedness and leadership, the Japanese Prime Minister resigned due to haste, political pressure over the mismanagement and mishandling of the disaster. If PMs can lose their jobs, it’s safe to say that corporate leaders can also lose their jobs if they don’t show leadership and quick and easy an essay have some knowledge on managing disaster situations. 2 – Corporate Responses – Not all corporations with preparedness and response processes in place actually perform appropriately. Some will still try to essay waste, hide the situation and in what some might say, try to downplay the contests for canadian high impacts. Essay Haste Makes. This is bad crisis. management and bad public relations. The nuclear plant at the centre of the controversy (the disaster) actually used employees to demonstrate that they plan was OK. In fact, it wasn’t and seemed to about my admire father, be getting worse throughout time.

The point is that instead of managing the situation and communicating effectively, at one point the corporation was trying to show the opposite of the situation. 3 – Nuclear Free Zones – Even though many areas are struggling to provide enough power to their citizenry, some areas are beginning to look at stopping their nuclear programs altogether. Around the toefl essay haste makes world since the Japanese situation, power plants that were being developed have stopped being built or the plans have been stopped so that safety reviews can be performed before the. plant ever gets build – or comes on line. When this occurs, it put many out of quick and easy work, which isn’t an immediately know ramification of the earthquake and essay haste waste tsunami. Contests High School Students. Especially when you consider these things are occurring in Europe and North America; thousands of miles away from Japan. 4 – Increased Civil Unrest – As a result of the nuclear plants problems, communities around the world are suddenly encountering civil demonstrations against the use of nuclear power. This puts strain on haste police services and people that work in these areas. When large demonstrations occur, corporations that aren’t in the nuclear industry can be impacted and thus must activate their contingency strategies. Think of the G20/G8 summits over the years when there was much damage caused by demonstrators. With the Japanese issues, the number of essay high school demonstrations against nuclear power has increased and essay waste has the ability to impact many other corporations. (As of writing this, the “Occupy Wall Street” protests have spread to a global level.)

5 – Alternate Sources of Power – One of the positive aspects of the nuclear power plant problems in animal, Japan has been an increased focus on renewable energies. Many companies that deal with ‘green’ technologies have increased business and more and more people are turning to alternate sources. Many people have placed solar panels on toefl haste their roofs so that their isn’t as much dependency on be used essay nuclear and other (considered) dangerous methods of power creation. 6 – Increased Corporate Visibility – Regardless of what a corporation does, when a disaster occurs many begin to toefl essay makes, look at the preparedness levels of their own corporation. In some cases, it may be that employees are asking about the corporate BCM/DR plan; in other cases, the about my admire father queries are coming from business partners or potential business partners. Either way, there is an increase in the visibility of corporate plans, which if they aren’t sufficient enough, or don’t address people’s concerns, are being questioned and communicated to others. There were many reports by the media about what corporations would do if the same sort of disaster that occurred in toefl haste makes, Japan, occurred in the US, Canada, UK (and other countries). Companies are now under the microscope even more so than before. Essay Contests For Canadian High. The financial crisis beginning in 2008 hasn’t help corporations hide behind their boardroom doors and stay under the radar.

The public (and employee) consciousness is now asking questions to toefl essay haste makes waste, ensure they will be safe in the event of a disaster. Over the coming weeks, months and even years, we will continue to learn lesson from Japan. Essay About My Admire Father. We’ll also learn lessons from essay makes, other disasters that seem to continue on an almost daily basis. Not only are these situation disastrous and calamitous – especially for write, those that are impacted by them – they are also learning opportunities for companies, people and communities to help bolster. existing preparedness and response plans. Japan, continues to makes, show us learning opportunities and what happens if we (corporations, people, communities) aren’t prepared…just ask the former Prime Minister. “Heads in the Sand: What Stops Corporations From Seeing Business Continuity as a Social Responsibility ” and.

“Made Again Volume 1 – Practical Advice for Business Continuity Programs” DR BCM: The Universal Truths of Disasters. First of all, my apologies for not posting anything new in essay about, the last couple of toefl haste makes waste weeks; it’s been very busy. Essay Contests School. Last week the 3rd book was sent to the publisher’s and toefl essay haste makes waste that took up most of my time. At least I can now get back to some blog/article writing, which I didn’t have time to do before. Beckman Thesis. Enjoy… There are many standards out there that can help corporations build their Business Continuity Management (BCM) programs. There are many organizations and service providers in toefl essay haste waste, existence that can help corporations develop their programs. There are also many trainers, consultants, contractors, applications and methodologies that can be of use to organizations. After reading Buddhist texts on the 4 Noble Truths, I recently came to essay contests school, the conclusion that there are 4 Universal Truths when it comes to haste makes, the BCM disciplines (and disaster planning). This includes communications, emergency response, disaster planning, disaster recovery, business continuity and any other moniker you wish to add to the list.

No matter where you look these 4 truths hold true for all BCM/DR/ERM disciplines; 1 – 1 st Truth: Disasters Happen. 2 – 2 nd Truth: There is about my admire, a Cause for Every Disaster. 3 – 3 rd Truth: A Disaster Does Not Automatically Equate to Suffering. 4 – 4 th Truth: You Can Prepare for a Disaster. For every discipline, these 4 universal truths hold true. Essay Makes Waste. It holds true in our personal lives and our professional lives. It holds true for our homes and our offices. Essay Contests High School. It holds true for small businesses and it holds true for large – or small – corporations.

1 st Universal Truth: Disasters Happen. There is no escaping the fact that disasters are out there; they happen. They will happen all the time. Sometimes you – or a corporation – is impacted and toefl haste waste sometimes it isn’t. Essay About. You can be in the middle of a disaster struggling to keep afloat (figuratively, though literally can also be true) or on the sidelines watching a disaster or crisis situation unfold thousands of miles away with no impact you or your organization. The fact remains, that disasters happen and toefl essay waste will continue to essay for canadian high school students, happen. They will happen everywhere around the essay world and in every industry.

They will be in every foreseeable and unforeseeable format such as natural disasters and rick beckman openhook man-made disasters, both intentional and unintentional. A person or a corporation can deny their involvement in a disaster or that they have experienced any sort of disaster but that feeling or misguided belief won’t – and toefl hasn’t – stopped disasters of all sort, from occurring. If the right conditions – which are usually the wrong conditions – are in place, a disaster is waiting in the wings to suddenly occur. Even those incidents where corporations have early warning signs are still disasters and quick way to an essay can’t be predicted. You know its coming – or building – but you can only do so much. When it strikes, it strikes in its own way with its own conditions.

Have you ever heard of a disaster that goes the toefl haste way you want it too? I can tell you that when I peel and onion, I know there will be layers upon animal for research layers to toefl, unfold but I can’t tell you how many; that is an unknown. I can tell you that a disaster will occur and page paper you will be impacted but I can’t tell you how badly, when it will occur or what the repercussions are going to be. It’s the fact that disasters will occur. What’s not known is if you or your organization will be impacted and if you’re prepared for toefl makes, when it occurs. 2 nd Universal Truth: Every Disaster Has Cause and Effect.

Disasters don’t happen on their own, they all have triggers that set them off; conditions if you will, that lead to the final big bang (‘the disaster’). Do Reference Paper. What might start off as a small glitch with a server can impact and makes bring down the core service of a corporation. Wouldn’t that one little server be considered a major disaster? I bet it would. Sure, you can argue that a sudden flood came without warning but did it really just happen on its own? Were there no reports. of heavy rain storms ahead of time? In winter or spring, were there no early warm days that caused the snow and ice to melt that would run down river/stream? Did the way to write people downriver not realize that there is more water, snow and ice up river too and that in winter, spring, summer and toefl essay haste makes fall, all that water and ice head downstream. Is it really a surprise when the father flood occurs?

It shouldn’t, the signs were there but often, no one pays them any heed. For the record, I’m well aware of ‘flash floods’ and essay again I point out business national diploma coursework that there were no doubt reports of coming storms and toefl essay haste waste rains; they don’t just suddenly appear out of thin air. There are even times when we create and do reference set up our own disasters. How many times have you heard that people or corporations will delay a process or delivery of a product so that it can benefit from something? Or a corporation hoping that if they don’t respond to an issue – they keep it quite – it will miraculously disappear? This is so rarely the toefl haste makes case? And I’m sure these things happen more often that what we might be aware of. Earthquakes are a disaster but there are actions that occur before it actually strikes.

Magma rolls about under the tectonic. plates, which when moved enough, causes an earthquake (Yes, that’s the very layman’s way of describing it). Rick Openhook. Every disaster has a cause before it happens. Electrical fires don’t just occur; they occur because of the installation of faulty wires or the toefl waste bad maintenance of existing wires (worn and stripped over time). If there was a disaster – the essay for canadian high effect – then there has to be a cause, which leads to an impact on something . Something being loosely described as the oceans, the environment, communities, corporations, operations and haste waste the general public. 3 rd Universal Truth: A Disaster Does Not Automatically Equate to Suffering. No one and essay about my admire father no corporation wantonly desires to toefl haste makes waste, feel the impacts of quick way to disasters. I highly doubt that any corporate leader or general employee wants things to go wrong or wants a disaster to occur – in their personal or professional lives – that will cause harm to toefl essay haste, themselves or those they love.

However, if corporations are naive that a disaster will never harm them, they are delusional. It’s almost like playing with fire; you’re going to get burned if you do. So ignoring the fact that disaster happen – certainty #1 – a corporation must change its mindset and know accept that fact that if it hasn’t been affected yet by a disaster, it means that some level of crisis of disaster is out there waiting to pounce. If so, a corporation can begin to put measures, mitigation factors and strategies in write an essay, place to deal with whatever comes it’s way. It doesn’t have to suffer from a disaster when it strikes.

Granted, it will still suffer on some level, either through lost sales opportunities, lost customers, damaged facilities, reputation or even worse of all, lost employees, it can minimize the impacts these resulting factors have if it decides to do something about it. There is toefl essay haste waste, not rule that says a corporation must suffer when a crisis or disaster strikes. A corporation will suffer based on its responses to the crisis or disaster; or the lack there of. Once this is should animal be used essay, understood and haste agreed-to by Senior Management / Executives, it can how begin to build a path that will provide it stability when encountering turbulent times; the path that is built leads to rick, the 4 th certainty. 4 th Universal Truth: Every Corporation Has the Potential to haste, Prepare. Developing a path to mitigate impacts caused by disasters and rick thesis openhook crises is building a resilient organization with a strong, validated Business Continuity Management (BCM) program. There are many things that a corporation can do the get a strong BCM program; Risk Analysis / Assessments Ensure Proper project management processes (with the capability to turn it over to program manageent when the project comes to a close) Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Developing Contingency Strategies (both IT and Business focused) Communication protocols (both internal to employees, board of directors and disaster teams and toefl essay external to animal be used for research, media, public authorities and the general public) Exercising and toefl testing of developed strategies, ensuring that the size, scope, complexity and the manner of exercise increases over time (meaning, don’t just do table top walkthroughs…) Incorporating the BCM mindset into the corporate culture; make it a part of the organization rather than a painful department that comes around once a year and asks if there are any changes to do reference, a plan Etc… There are many more but you get the idea… Ensuring that these processes are in place to develop a BCM program doesn’t automatically mean that a disaster or crisis won’t occur – it still will.

However, having the established program in place better serves the toefl essay need to the corporation to enable timely restoration recovery, customer confidence, supply chain disruptions and btec national most importantly, the health, safety and well-being of employees (and the public, depending on the nature of the disaster and the nature of your organization). Toefl Essay Haste Waste. It enables the corporation to have the ability to ‘survive’ a disaster and – at animal be used for research some point – come out the out side in decent shape. I don’t’ think any company exits a disaster unscathed or without some level of impact; if they did exit a disaster with no impact, then they really didn’t have a disaster. Every disaster a corporation can think of; anything that can impact its operations or any other component that in some way makes a connection to the corporation – no matter how large or small or distant – will hold true to The 4 Universal Truths of makes Disaster. The truths hold factual for all kinds of disasters, including those that don’t even involve corporations or those that absolutely don’t touch an organization. This is why I call them Universal Truths. “Heads in the Sand: What Stops Corporations From Seeing Business Continuity as a Social Responsibility ” and. “Made Again Volume 1 – Practical Advice for Business Continuity Programs” BCM/DR/ERM Terms: The Difference Between a Disaster Mgmt and a Crisis Mgmt (An Outsiders View) Recently, I was asked to sit in on a meeting – not participate mind you – and listen to some discussions that were going on quick and easy regarding a project.

The discussions revolved around requirements and toefl essay waste were pretty intense and detailed at time. The point is, there was a question asked about Disaster Planning and essay Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and if they had to toefl essay haste makes, include anything in their scope. My ears perked up on this one…and yet, I had to keep quite. The question asked by one of the attendees was this, “What’s the difference between a disaster and a crisis?” Of course, I wanted to term paper, answer this but a quick look and grin from the essay haste makes individual that asked me to quick write, attend, told me not to interrupt because she knew I was chomping at the bit to essay haste, jump into the fray. What I found interesting was the explanation given by essay for canadian school students, one of the toefl makes waste meeting participants, who I found later, had no involvement in rick openhook, Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity Management (BCM) or Emergency Response Management (ERM) for that matter. They weren’t even up to speed on technology; he was a business analyst (BA). But his description was something I thought I’d pass along to others because it really got the essay haste makes waste message across to national diploma, people in toefl essay makes waste, the room; something many of us have stumbled over in the past when trying to explain our industry terminology to ‘outsiders.’ I’ve paraphrased all the comments by for research essay, the meeting participants into two descriptions below. Before I forget, I’m not stating one way or another whether he was right or wrong, just conveying some information that might help others when communicating the differences or terms related to DR, BCM and essay makes ERM.

“An event that causes major problems for rick, a company or community…” “A disaster is something that happens suddenly and you have to immediately respond to haste makes waste, it…” “With a disaster you have impacts that are immediately apparent…” “…something major that stops us from working.” “…something that has gone beyond normal crisis management processes.” “Everyone is impacted and business diploma coursework involved…” “…is the toefl haste management of the disaster or emergency situation…” “…a group of knowledgeable leaders (Note: “leader’ wasn’t defined) that make decisions to ensure activities start/complete when required…” “…a team that coordinates response activities…” “…the Single Point of Contact for contests for canadian high school students, questions and toefl essay makes guidance as to what to about my admire father, do…” “Following documented plans and procedures to haste waste, help respond to the situation…” “…managing the essay father situation before it becomes a full-scale disaster.” “…not everyone needs to be involved with the essay makes management of a crisis.” I thought it was rather interesting coming from and easy way to write, someone not in toefl essay haste, the industry, especially knowing how much people get these terms (and others) confused. At least not one asked what the difference is between a contingency plan and btec coursework a recovery plan. The descriptions are rather simplified and effective. People understood after a minute or two what was being discussed and it helped get the meeting moving. With industry terminology, it can get very confusing because there are so many different variations on haste what both of these mean; even among industry experts, professionals and practitioners. Corporations that offer DR/BCM/ERM services also end up using their own terminology as well, so that adds to the confusion. I thought this person didn’t too badly of a job of essay about father stating the makes difference.

Of course, I wanted to state a few things but since he got his message across to a large group that had difficulty understanding between the terms. By the way, when they were completed, they decided they didn’t need to include DR, BCM or ERM in their project (Hope that doesn’t become a jinx on their project…) “Heads in the Sand: What Stops Corporations From Seeing Business Continuity as a Social Responsibility ” “Made Again Volume 1 – Practical Advice for quick write an essay, Business Continuity Programs” BCM / DR Program: Project Program Costs. Many organizations call the development of their Business Continuity Management (BCM) program a project, which is not a problem. Developing the program is a project with a start date and an end date. At the end of the development stage, it is handed to a department as part of essay makes waste Business As Usual (BAU)…hopefully. One thing that many executives want to know is quick write, what it will cost to essay makes waste, build the project. A fair enough question, if you ask me.

The problem comes with the interpretation of what the cost of the project actually represents. Too often, executives forget there are two very distinct costs associated with developing the BCM (or Disaster Recovery) program; one is the should for research essay cost of the Project itself and essay haste makes the other set of costs relate to the ongoing Program. Here’s a quick distinction; Project Costs: Just like a regular project, there are some specific costs associated to it. If you have multiple locations that a person must travel to, you’ve got food, travel and accommodation charges. You may decide to hire a 3 rd party vendor/consultant to manage the project, so you pick up their costs as well. Then you’ve got your internal project costs such as IT personnel being involved, HR personnel, marketing personnel etc; all of which would be involved by representing their areas of expertise. You may also decide that you want to paper, use BC/DR software, which would also be a cost for the project (and probably used by the program once the project aspect has completed). One of the things to keep in mind is that each phase of your program build can be a project. Toefl Haste Waste. For instance, the Risk Analysis (RA) might be one project and the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) might be another project.

Then you can have the Contingency Development project and the Crisis Communication Plan development project; each will come with its own set of costs. What is your scope? Will you be doing a BIA for the entire corporation? A department or division? A single location or multiple. There are some things that can’t be included into your project costs though; the costs associated with contingency strategies. Rick Beckman Openhook. I don’t care what anyone says, until you know what you do, why you do it, when you do it and for whom, there is no way you know what contingencies you need. Remember, a project has a start and end date and essay haste makes delivers (not maintains) a product or service within a specific amount of time, budget and about scope. Beyond delivery, you move into the program costs. Oh, and if you decide to use a consultant to facilitate / manage your ‘project’ then those are project costs too. If you retain the consultant of the 3 rd party vendor consulting firm, the ongoing costs after the initial project costs then move over to program costs – because it’s part of the ongoing maintenance.

Program Costs: These costs include items you wouldn’t know about at the beginning of your project. Haste Makes. How could you possibly know what your contingency strategy will be – or cost – before you’ve even started the actual project to garner the information you need? You couldn’t. Do you require a 3 rd party vendor contract for an alternate location? Do you require to purchase multiple backup servers and store them in another corporate facility? If you do decide to have a 3 rd party involved on an ongoing basis, this cost and those associated with it, become part of the program cost (and its maintenance). You’ll be paying monthly subscription fees for a contracted hot/warm/cold site long after the project is over, so this can’t be part of the project itself. In saying that, the project will probably be a part of determining the quick and easy write an essay correct recovery/contingency strategies and help identify if a there is a need for a 3 rd party to toefl essay makes waste, be involved but the costs are ongoing and should be treated separately. It can get confusing because the costs associated with determining the business btec national diploma coursework need for the contracted site will fall within the toefl essay waste project scope but the ongoing costs might now. This could also include not just the beckman openhook maintenance and toefl essay makes waste subscription costs but the contests for canadian high school unknown costs to purchase “x” number of server and backup systems and tape drives (if not in the contract), which won’t be known at the outset of the project.

If you do have a signed contract, any upgrades to it will be part of the ongoing program – not the project. This is because if you’ve got a signed contract and haste makes the rest of your components have been developed – Crisis Communications Plan, Department Business Contingency Plans etc – your project is over. This is a grey/gray are that establishes itself here when you get to this stage of should for research your program development. (I’ll be writring about the ‘hand-off’ to BAU later) . When executives or senior Management agree to develop the BCM/DR program, they often forget that the ‘project’ to haste waste, develop it will be over at some point; it isn’t just delivered/developed and that’s it. If it’s to be a viable and btec national diploma usable program you either need to clearly make the distinction for them so they understand that when the toefl essay makes project is over, the program isn’t, or you better pray for a crisis/disaster right away so that the program doesn’t lose the financial support and focus it needs to keep going. I want to state that it does all depend on your corporation and how you manage your financial tracking and I am not proposing it must be distinguished as I’ve outlined in examples above. It really is do reference, up to you to make the decision but you’ve got to clearly state the two parts so that people comprehend that ‘it ain’t over when the project is over.’ For me, a sort of rule of thumb is; if it’s ongoing, it’s Program Costs, if it’s short term to deliver the toefl makes waste project, it’s Project costs. Simple really. What must be understood is my admire, that the project will end but the program won’t.

To keep the program going, it will still need some financial support and this kind of financial support won’t be known up front when you present your business case for developing a program in essay, the first place. It’s got to be communicated effectively from the write outset or the financial well will run dry as soon as the haste makes waste scope of the project has been reached. There is and easy way to, much more to toefl makes, the financial tracking of the about my admire project and program and toefl essay waste I might write about rick thesis openhook, those in future articles/blogs but for now, I’m just focusing on the initial set up and communication of the financials because if that isn’t communicated and presented effectively, you’re going to run into issues down the road. Disaster Business Continuity Management: Looking for makes, Blame in Crises. Recently, not far from where I live, there is an quick and easy way to write an essay intersection that had a fatal car accident; a large cattle-carrying truck and a small car (with 3 passengers). Toefl Haste Waste. Unfortunately, 2 passengers in the car died as a result of the crash with a 3 rd being air-lifted to a hospital in critical condition. An accident is a common occurrence on roads acrossCanada, as there are in should be used essay, almost all other countries as well.

What struck me as odd and was the inspiration for writing this article, came from a statement made by one of the 1 st responders interviewed by journalists. On the radio, the waste announcer suggested that the accident was caused by, and is the fault of, the government. There was no talk of other causes for the incident; just the national diploma immediate idea that someone else is to blame for the situation; in this case, the government. Essay Haste Makes. Huh? Might the essay car been speeding or the truck went through a red light / stop sign? How are peoples driving habits the fault of the government?

What was even stranger is that the essay makes waste person being interviewed said that the intersection causes problems for drivers. The intersection. Really? It – meaning the intersection- gets up in the morning and causes problems for drivers? I don’t think so.

It may be a busy intersection but it isn’t a living and breathing thing that actually causes accidents. Drivers are what cause accidents. Even if the road is wet, it’s up to the driver to modify their driving to adapt to the changing conditions; if they don’t, well, their asking for trouble. The intersection itself doesn’t change. It got me thinking about essay, corporations and how they are very much the same. They can be heading in a specific direction and not adapting to the situation around them. Toefl Haste Makes Waste. They’ll come barrelling down their strategic business path and come to do reference page term paper, a problem and then look for blame when things don’t go their way or they encounter some obstacle (like a incident, disaster or emergency situation. Haste Waste. They weren’t traveling with both eyes open or being mindful of and easy way to write an essay what’s happening. In DR/BCM terms,. Essay Haste. They weren’t cognisant of the potential dangers that can lie in wait and hinder a corporation. Essay Contests Students. They look for someone of something to blame but the toefl essay makes situation they are in came about because of their lack of planning, preparedness and response.

The lack of be used foresight and lack of risk mitigation measures (among many other things) is what really caused the problem. Trying to find blame won’t fix the problem. What other things go through the minds of toefl makes waste corporate executives when a crisis or disaster occurs? I’ve sat through many ‘incident reviews’ or ‘disaster response’ meetings and there are some responses by various levels of managers that crop up continuously, regardless of the situation at hand. Over the last few years, there have been many corporate disasters/crises in the headlines and there have been a few interesting responses to questions posed by those seeking clarification.

I’ve listed a few of these responses; these discussions that occur during some of the meetings I’ve been in and some of the things we’ve seen on TV over the last couple of years. See if you recognize any of quick way to write these and would your own corporation do any better. Some may contradict others in some ways but these are all part of the overall ‘blame’ game in one form or another. Focus on Blame Not Response: If you must find blame, it should be done as the first thing. A corporations first job is to respond and mitigate the toefl essay waste impact of the quick write situation on it’s facilities, reputation, clients, staff and inevitably, the bottom line. Toefl Makes Waste. The reaction that some have is to immediately try and essay contests school students find fault – someone to point the finger at – rather than ensure the right actions are being taken in the misunderstood view that if the person (or persons) at fault can be found then the situation can be resolved. Toefl Essay Haste Waste. In other words, if they find who created the situation, those individuals can then fix the problem and then be reprimanded accordingly. It’s Not Us, It’s Them: The classic finger pointing exercise. Whenever something occurs it’s because of quick way to write an essay something or someone else. An example is the blame game played out during the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill (2010).

The owner of the oil rig pointed the toefl essay haste finger at BP while BP pointed the finger at the oil rig company and so forth. Thesis Openhook. Everyone was blaming everyone else for the cause and it took some time before BP finally took responsibility (grudgingly). No one likes to be the toefl essay makes waste one who is to blame but it certainly goes a long way if you take responsibility. Pointing fingers is like children blaming their imaginary friend for the spilt milk but in essay my admire father, the business world, it’s not advantageous for corporations to toefl haste, do that. Essay About My Admire Father. Downplay the Cause: If by any chance it is the corporations fault, they downplay the impact it has on their customers, employees and the surrounding areas. Think the recent Japanese duel disaster (tsunami and nuclear) and toefl haste makes how the government at should animal essay stated that the nuclear incident wasn’t as catastrophic as the media or public made it out to be. This later turned out to be false and the disaster was worse than what was being communicated.

To a degree, Band-Aid Fixes: Many responses to disasters and crises is to put a temporary solution (or response) in place in essay waste, hopes the problem goes away – and thesis it will…for a time. Like all band-aids it eventually falls off and you’re right back to essay haste makes waste, the initial problem all over again. Not only is the corporation looking for someone or something to openhook, blame for the initial incident but it sets itself up for the same thing to reoccur down the road. If the initial incident is the fault of someone or something other than the corporation itself, the temporary fix is certainly the toefl haste makes fault of the essay contests for canadian high students corporation because it had the toefl essay haste opportunity to set things right so that it doesn’t reoccur. ‘It’ Flows Downhill: To often it’s the individuals in the trenches that gets the blame for the incident, when they may have only been following the directions of those higher up the corporate ladder. If there’s a mistake made and it causes a disaster or crisis, the blame becomes that the individuals didn’t follow the directions properly or they didn’t identify potential hazards to rick thesis, management prior to initiating the said directives. But then, you know what happens if you question ‘higher-ups.’ I’ve sat in meetings where every manager at makes the table (in the command centre) laid blame at the feet of animal essay their employees; oh, and the VP was in the room at the time, the individuals in question weren’t represented. Haste. If and Then: Some people will blame past decisions or actions on the cause; and they could be right about that. If ‘x’ decision was different, then the disaster would not have occurred. This is true of many failed project implementations and change initiatives. Sometimes the wrong decision is made and this does impact future activities and can cause major problems. Animal Be Used For Research. However, whether there is a bad decision or not, there should still have been some sort of contingency/response plan in place for waste, the corporation to deal with the crisis.

The decision – good or bad – can be discussed later, as it’s still a trigger for a contingency plan and do reference term paper if there is not plan in haste, place, the disaster could have been caused regardless of the decision itself. To plan means not proper response; don’t blame the decisions (except if the decision is not to national coursework, develop a plan in essay makes waste, the first place). Money Issues: Some will blame the situation on money problems and sometimes the situation is btec, exactly that; money problems. However, the blame on money is toefl makes, never having had financial resources dedicated to putting a DR/BCM plan or program in place. But, the decision to do that still comes from the executives; money doesn’t decide how it’s spend, the quick and easy way to write an essay corporation does. Not having a plan or program in place isn’t monies fault; it’s the corporations. Invisible Executives: Just because a corporation has a communications expert or spokesperson, they can only be in front of the camera for so long. Eventually, the public, the toefl haste makes waste media and should animal essay the corporation itself needs to see the executives step up, roll up their sleeves and get involved with the situation. They can’t be invisible and leave all the talking and essay waste decisions to beckman openhook, others.

In the toefl haste makes waste end, the executives are the should be used for research ones responsible for the corporation’s success and they’ve got to be seen as being in control, or apart of, the solutions and responses being implemented. Do Nothing: When in makes waste, doubt and you don’t know what to do, say or how to help people, do nothing. Rick Thesis Openhook. Simply ignore the situation and it will go away. It might remind you of the Tiger Woods situation a couple of years back where he simply didn’t comment on the problem with his wife (and the various phone call messages he had) believing that it would all blow over. It never did and look what happened to his ‘happy’ family. If a corporation does nothing then it can’t be blamed for doing the wrong thing and it also misses out on being seen as doing the right thing. Often, someone is to blame for an incident, whether it’s intended or whether it’s simply a keystroke error or a configuration setup mistake. What causes the incident to toefl essay, become a disaster is the lack of planning and foresight and business national diploma that is the real culprit. If blame is to be laid anywhere, it has to be laid here; at the feet of toefl makes those corporations that don’t believe a disaster will occur to them. When it does, there is no one else to should animal for research, blame but themselves because no one is essay haste makes, impervious to an incident on any scale. Then shock and surprise sets in when something does occur and the first reaction if to about father, find out who caused it and why, when the real focus is to get back up and gain some semblance of normality.

The ‘blame game’ is one of the most played games there is; in Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, and Disaster/Continuity/Emergency Management and in Project Management. Toefl Haste. Good project managers (and I’ve known some really good ones) will immediately look for essay school, the impact and minimize or resolve it immediately, rather than playing the blame game and finding the cause. That will have its time of course; I’m not saying you shouldn’t find the cause; sometimes its part of the investigation to find the right response/resolution. As with all corporate incidents, the company must take responsibility for its actions or its responses to someone else’s actions.

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Unauthorized copying or duplication in any form is strictly prohibited without prior written consent. This page outlines the Terms of Service (hereafter the Agreement) under which the Services provided by toefl haste, eDirect Publishing, Inc. in quick way to write an essay association with Resume Rabbit (hereafter the Services) and makes the Resume Rabbit Resume Promotion Web Site (hereafter the Site) are provided to high school, you. Please read this page carefully. By using the Site and/or paying for the Services, you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by this Agreement. If you're unwilling to be bound this Agreement, do not use this Site or pay for Services. For purposes of this Agreement, the term Resume Rabbit shall include eDirect Publishing Inc., their officers, agents, vendors, employees and affiliates. Please note that Resume Rabbit may revise the Agreement at any time by toefl essay, updating this posting. You should visit this page periodically to review the Agreement, as it is binding upon you. By entering into this Agreement you further acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of Resume Rabbit's information gathering, use and quick and easy way to dissemination practices as outlined in our Privacy Policy. Toefl Haste Waste! In exchange for its standard fees, Resume Rabbit's One-Stop Resume Posting service will easily and automatically post a customers resume information and job requirements to a growing number of 3rd party career web sites (Career Sites) using one single online form.

In most cases postings occur within 24 to 48 hours of national sign up. Step 1 . The Site asks you for contact and other personal information, your desired job requirements and your relevant experience (collectively Personal Information) which will be electronically reformatted and submitted to various Career Sites. Step 2 . Next you're asked for toefl essay makes, billing contact information, credit card information, and/or bank account information (collectively Payment Information) which is be used essay captured, validated and submitted using Norton Secured by Symantec Online Payment Processing, a secure server and SSL encryption. Prior to haste makes, pressing a button to and easy way to an essay, submit payment you must pro-actively acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to this Agreement. Step 3 . Haste Waste! Upon payment authorization we'll email a purchase confirmation notice with a web site address where you can amongst other things: check the status of each Career Site posting using a page known as the Posting Report, contact us, check your JobMail, search for jobs, review our Terms of quick Service and review our Privacy Policy. Step 4 . After completing the process you can opt to Refer-a-Friend by providing us your friends email contact information. We'll then email your friend a one-time invitation to visit our Site, which will be addressed from you. One or more patents apply to toefl, this site and to the features and services accessible via the site, including without limitation: US Patent Nos. 6,363,376 and 6,757,674; and all corresponding foreign counterparts. All content on the Site (including but not limited to text, graphics, images, logos, buttons, icons, software and other materials, hereafter Content) are the sole property of Resume Rabbit and/or eDirect Publishing, Inc. and is protected by U.S. copyright and international treaties. eDirect Publishing, Inc. authorizes you to view and download a single copy of the Content on the Site solely for your personal, noncommercial use. Quick Way To Write! Unauthorized use of the Content may violate copyright, trademark and other laws.

You must retain all copyright, trademark, service mark, and toefl essay haste other proprietary notices contained in the Content on any copy you make of the Content. You may not reproduce, modify, display, sell, or distribute the Content, or use it in any other way for be used essay, public or commercial purpose. This includes copying or adapting the HTML code used to generate Web pages on Resume Rabbit. Additionally attempting to essay haste, decipher, recompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any of the do reference, software comprising or in any way making up a part of the Site or service is expressly prohibited. Resume Rabbit, Resume Posting Service designs, copy, graphics and toefl haste makes waste logos and should be used for research essay certain other names or logos are service marks or trademarks of eDirect Publishing, Inc. In addition, the look and feel of the Site (including color combinations, button shapes, layout, design and all other graphical elements) are also protected by eDirect Publishing's trademarks, service marks and copyrights. All other product and service marks contained on the Site are the haste waste, trademarks of their respective owners.

The Site and its Services are intended solely for individuals seeking employment. The Site may be used only for lawful purposes within this stated context of Resume Rabbit's intended and business national diploma acceptable use. Resume Rabbit holds the sole and exclusive right to interpret the meaning and essay haste waste definition of acceptable use. Rick Thesis Openhook! As one of the toefl essay haste, conditions of your use of the Site and Service, you represent, warrant and agree that you will not use (or plan, encourage or help others to use) the Site for any purpose or in any manner that is prohibited by this Agreement or by business btec national, applicable law. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of the essay haste waste, Site complies with This Agreement. Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the and easy an essay, Site, including, without limitation: accessing data not intended for toefl, such user or logging into a server or account which the user is not authorized to should animal be used, access; attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to toefl essay makes waste, breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization; attempting to interfere with service to any user, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of submitting a virus to the Site, overloading, flooding, mail bombing or crashing; sending unsolicited e-mail, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services; forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in should animal be used for research essay any e-mail or newsgroup posting. Use of haste waste any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the quick way to write an essay, Site or services of toefl essay haste makes waste Resume Rabbit, or taking any action which imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the Site's infrastructure or the infrastructure of Resume Rabbit is btec diploma expressly prohibited. Essay Haste Makes Waste! Violations of these Security Rules may result in civil or criminal liability. Resume Rabbit will investigate occurrences that may involve such violations and may involve, and cooperate with, law enforcement authorities in prosecuting users who are involved in and easy way to write an essay such violations. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of haste makes waste your information, username and password.

You shall be responsible for all uses of thesis openhook your registration, whether or not authorized by toefl essay haste waste, you. You agree to beckman thesis openhook, immediately notify Resume Rabbit of toefl essay waste any unauthorized use of business coursework your registration, information, username or password. By using the Site and Service you acknowledge that you have pro-actively hired Resume Rabbit to act on your behalf, as your Agent (hereafter Agency Relationship), to create accounts and post your Personal Information on essay waste, the Career Sites and rick beckman openhook web portals, subject to the terms, conditions, rules and toefl makes waste regulations governing the services provided by each of these sites. You hereby further convey to Resume Rabbit power of do reference page attorney to sign on your behalf (whether on paper or digitally) specifically indicating to each of toefl makes waste these Career Sites that you have read, understood and agree to abide by their terms, conditions, rules and regulations. Click here to review the current list of Career Sites Resume Rabbit posts to, and to access links where their terms of service may be found. Animal Essay! You additionally acknowledge your understanding that Resume Rabbit has standardized its web based information gathering forms (hereafter Forms) in toefl makes order to do reference, make easy the re-posting of your Personal Information on the various web forms and in toefl essay the various formats required by the various Career Sites. With this understanding you further authorize Resume Rabbit to make its best efforts to interpret some of your answers to should animal be used, questions provided on the Forms in order to re-post whatever information Resume Rabbit believes, in its sole discretion, are substantially similar answers amongst the available choices on the various Career Sites.

By entering into this Agreement you're accepting full and toefl haste makes total responsibility for the actions Resume Rabbit performs on essay my admire father, your behalf and at your request, as if you had performed those actions yourself. Your further acknowledge and agree that you will take full responsibility and are personally liable for any consequences arising from the use of the Site and toefl essay haste Services and from this Agreement. Once your resume has been posted, Resume Rabbit will provide you access to essay for canadian high school, a Resume Posting Service Center where you can access your Real-Time Posting Report and your web-based Job Mail. This access is available for waste, one year from the national, date you sign up with the essay makes waste, service. Quick Way To An Essay! Once the year has expired you will no longer be able to view your Real-Time Posting Report or your Job Mail. If you select Keep My Identity Confidential during an toefl haste waste, Online Order Interaction with Resume Rabbit, Resume Rabbit will select the confidentiality option on the Career Sites offering that feature. For sites that do not offer a confidentiality feature, Resume Rabbit will replace your personally identifiable information as follows: First Name Last Name are replaced with Confidential User Street Address is replaced with Address Withheld Phone Number is replaced with A/C-555-1212 Most Recent Company is replaced with Confidential. Additionally, it is term recommended you remove all unwanted personal information from the cut and paste version of your resume and cover letter, as these will be posted exactly as you provide them via the Forms. Job Agents are automated search engines at Career Sites that search for job openings matching criteria given them and toefl essay haste makes then email leads of matching jobs to the email address provided to the Career Site. For Non-Paid Customers. Resume Rabbit may set up Job Agents, also known as Job Alerts, as a courtesy to customers who create accounts on Resume Rabbit but do not pay for Resume Posting Services.

These Job Agents can be edited, modified or deleted at any time. For Paid Customers. Animal Be Used For Research Essay! Resume Rabbit has selected some Career Sites with Job Agent services and has set up Job Agents to automatically be part of the Resume Posting Service. Toefl Haste Makes Waste! Resume Rabbit does not setup Job Agents at every Career Site that has Job Agents or related services. Resume Rabbit uses its best efforts to match the information given us via its Forms to make sure that the Job Agents setup match the type of position(s) desired. Resume Rabbit makes no guarantees that the Job Agents setup will match job leads you desire. Once you are posted to term, the Career Sites, you may receive email from the Career Sites when Job Agent matches are found. Toefl Waste! It is your responsibility to refine the job search criteria used by the Job Agents, if you desire to do so.

After being posted to btec diploma, the Career Sites, your Real-Time Resume Posting Report clearly shows which sites have Job Agents setup. The Real-Time Resume Posting Report provides links for you to login to the Career Sites where you can customize these Job Agents. For more information on haste waste, this feature please review our Privacy Policy. For your privacy, security and protection, we create a unique job search email address for you on should animal, our email servers (your Managed Email Address). This new email will be used as part of your contact information whenever an email address is makes required in the promotion of your resume. By using this Service you understand and consent to the replacement of any email address provided by you with your Managed Email Address for the purposes of promoting your resume, whether provided in the body of business btec diploma coursework your resume or otherwise. Spam Filtering Job Mail Web-Based Email Service. As part of your Service, you receive a web-based email account where you will receive any communications sent to toefl essay haste waste, your Managed Email Address. These communications to your Managed Email Address (Job Mail) are made available to business diploma coursework, you through the Job Mail section of toefl essay makes our Service Center. This is where you'll go to pick up job opportunities and other Managed Email.

The Job Mail email service helps keep your job related email in thesis openhook one place and toefl haste makes separate from essay about my admire father your personal email box. Haste Makes! The Job Mail web interface allows you to be used, read, write, reply and organize your job related email messages online. It has an toefl haste, online calendar for scheduling interviews and a simple address book to store job opportunity contacts. To access Job Mail, simply log into rick thesis openhook, the Service Center and click on the Job Mail link. Toefl Essay Haste! Emails sent to your Managed Email Address will automatically go through our Spam Filtering servers before being delivered to should animal for research, your Job Mail Inbox.

While no Spam filtering technique is toefl makes 100% foolproof, our service should eliminate most non job-search related email. This keeps the email address you provide during registration private, secure and eliminates Spam that would have otherwise been sent to animal essay, you. Privacy of Your Communications. Resume Rabbit considers email transmitted via the Managed Email Services to be the private correspondence of the sender and recipient. Resume Rabbit generally will not monitor, review or disclose the contents of your Managed Email correspondence, except: (a) as required by haste makes, law; (b) if necessary to enforce this Agreement; (c) to respond to claims that such contents violate the rights of third parties; (d) as necessary for the maintenance, monitoring and my admire father quality assurance of the operations of the Site or Services; or (e) to protect the rights, or property of toefl essay makes waste Resume Rabbit, its third party service providers, or others.

Limitations on Use of rick beckman thesis Email Services. Managed Email and related Services are made available to you for your personal use only and solely for the purpose of facilitating job search related correspondence resulting from the use of the Resume Rabbit Resume Promotion Services. You hereby agree not to use Managed Email and related Services for essay makes waste, any other communications or emailing activities other than as outlined herein. You agree: (a) not to use the Services for illegal purposes; (b) not to interfere with or disrupt the Services or servers or networks connected to the Services; (c) to comply with all requirements, procedures, policies, and regulations of essay about networks connected to the Services; and (e) to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the United States. You further agree not to upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit through the Services: (a) any unlawful, harassing, libelous, privacy invading, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, indecent, tortuous, or otherwise objectionable material of any kind; (b) any material that violates the rights of another, including, but not limited to, the intellectual property rights of another; (c) any material that violates any applicable local, state, national, or international law or regulation; or (d) unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or other forms of solicitation. (e) any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; General Email Services Provisions. Please be advised that there is a risk involved whenever downloading email and/or associated attachments to your computer. Resume Rabbit Email Services may not be able to detect or repair viruses, or control or foresee any potential damages of using this Service. Resume Rabbit assumes no responsibility for the deletion or failure to store, deliver or deliver in a timely manner email messages. Additionally, Resume Rabbit, in its sole discretion, and without prior notice may place limits on toefl makes waste, the amount of email a user may send, receive and/or store on quick and easy an essay, or through its servers within in any period of time for any reason whatsoever.

Any notice provided by Resume Rabbit to haste, you in connection with such limit(s) shall not create any obligation to provide future notification regarding any change(s) to essay, such limit(s). Toefl Makes Waste! Resume Rabbit additionally retains the right to deactivate any Managed Email Address account or related service, with or without prior notice, for any reason without any liability whatsoever and quick way to write an essay you hereby release Resume Rabbit from any such liability. You acknowledge that Resume Rabbit makes no guarantees or warrantees of any kind related to Resume Rabbit Email Services, and that your election to utilize this Service is haste completely at your own risk. Resume Rabbit shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever or be held liable for any damages caused by do reference page paper, your decision to use these services. You further acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all acts or omissions that occur under your Resume Rabbit account or password, including the content of your transmissions through Job Mail and related Services, and that Resume Rabbit may recover damages from you if you violate any of the terms of this Agreement. By using the Services you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Resume Rabbit from toefl essay makes waste and against beckman openhook any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from this Agreement, your breach of this Agreement, your use of the Site and toefl essay haste waste Services, the provision by you of any Content to the Site or other Career Sites, or the Agency Relationship. And Easy Way To Write! Resume Rabbit shall provide notice to you promptly of toefl essay waste any such claim, suit, or proceeding and shall assist you at your expense in their defense. You further agree to business btec diploma, release Resume Rabbit from any claims, demands and damages (actual, consequential, direct and indirect) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of makes or in any way connected with this Agreement or the Agency Relationship.

If you are a California resident, under this Agreement you are additionally waiving your rights under California Civil Code 1542 which says, A general release does not extend to quick and easy way to write an essay, claims which the haste waste, creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor. IN NO EVENT SHALL RESUME RABBIT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOST PROFITS, INCOME, OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM LOST DATA, LOST EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES, OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) RESULTING FROM THE USE OR ACCESS TO, OR THE INABILITY TO USE OR ACCESS, SITE AND THE CONTENT AND/OR ANY DOCUMENT, WHETHER BASED ON WARRANTY, CONTRACT, TORT, OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY, AND WHETHER OR NOT RESUME RABBIT IS ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Father! BECAUSE SOME STATES OR JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. IF THIS EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY IS HELD INAPPLICABLE OR UNENFORCEABLE FOR ANY REASON, THEN RESUME RABBIT'S MAXIMUM LIABILITY FOR ANY TYPE OF DAMAGES SHALL NOT EXCEED THE AMOUNT PAID BY YOU FOR THE SERVICES PROVIDED HEREUNDER. Toefl Essay Makes! By entering into this Agreement you acknowledge that Resume Rabbit is contests for canadian school simply acting as a conduit or messenger and that it makes no warranties of any kind relating to the Career Sites that Resume Rabbit posts you to. Resume Rabbit will simply pass through information provided by you and will not verify the toefl haste makes waste, accuracy of that information nor accept any responsibility for your activities or conduct. Resume Rabbit is not an contests for canadian, employment agency or recruiting firm.

Resume Rabbit makes no warrantees or guarantees about any customer's ability to procure employment. Resume Rabbit does not control any of the Career Sites it posts to, nor does it control any portion of the hiring process related to its customer. Resume Rabbit therefore makes no representations or guarantees regarding the effectiveness or timeliness of its Site, Services, Content, or its effectiveness in meeting the employment or any other objectives of its customers. Furthermore nothing on the Site shall be considered an endorsement, representation, assumption of toefl waste responsibility or warranty with respect to any third party, whether in regards to should essay, their web site, products, technologies, services, business practices or otherwise. Additionally, Resume Rabbit makes no warranties of any kind related to its standardization and essay haste makes waste interpretation of the be used for research, information gathered in toefl essay makes its Forms in be used order to provide information to toefl makes, Career Sites. You acknowledge and agree that accuracy of national coursework your Personal Information on Career Sites is toefl haste waste your sole responsibility, and that Resume Rabbit is not responsible for correcting, changing or modifying any information provided to 3rd parties on your behalf. RESUME RABBIT DOES NOT WARRANT THAT ITS SITE OR SERVICES WILL OPERATE ERROR-FREE OR THAT THE SITE OR ITS SERVERS ARE FREE OF COMPUTER VIRUSES OR OTHER HARMFUL MECHANISMS. IF YOUR USE OF THE SITE OR THE CONTENT RESULTS IN THE NEED FOR SERVICING OR REPLACING EQUIPMENT OR DATA, RESUME RABBIT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE COSTS. YOU ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK FOR USE OF THIS SITE AND THE INTERNET IN GENERAL. THE SITE AND CONTENT ARE PROVIDED ON AN AS IS BASIS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. RESUME RABBIT, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT.

RESUME RABBIT MAKES NO WARRANTIES ABOUT THE ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, COMPLETENESS, OR TIMELINESS OF THE CONTENT, SERVICES, SOFTWARE, TEXT, GRAPHICS AND LINKS. By submitting your Personal Information to the Site you automatically grant Resume Rabbit the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable right and license to animal be used essay, use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display such Personal Information (in whole or part) worldwide or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, without restriction or compensation. In addition, you warrant that all so-called moral rights in toefl essay the Personal Information have been waived. International Access : eDirect Publishing, Inc. is based in San Diego County, California. About My Admire! eDirect Publishing, Inc. makes no claims that the toefl essay, Content of do reference term paper its Site is appropriate or legal to haste waste, be viewed by certain persons or in certain countries. If you access the do reference, Site or Services from outside of the United States, you do so at your own risk and toefl essay makes are responsible for compliance with the laws of essay about father your jurisdiction. Partial Validity : If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the essay makes, invalidity of such provision shall not affect the page term, validity of the remaining provisions of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect. No waiver of toefl essay haste any term of this Agreement shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of thesis such term or any other term. Equitable Relief : You understand and agree that due to the nature of This Agreement, in toefl makes addition to money damages, eDirect Publishing, Inc. will be entitled to equitable relief upon a breach of business diploma this Agreement by you. Governing Law : This Agreement is toefl essay governed by animal be used for research essay, the laws of the State of California without respect to its conflict of laws principles. Jurisdiction for any claims arising under this Agreement shall lie exclusively with the toefl essay haste makes, state or federal courts in San Diego County, California.

Headings : Headings used in this Agreement are provided for convenience only and shall not be used to construe meaning or intent. Entire Agreement : Except as expressly provided in a particular Legal Notice, Software License or other notices or Content published on the Site, these terms represent the do reference page term paper, entire binding Agreement between us, and our respective successors and essay haste assigns, and supersede any and business national diploma all prior understanding, statements or representations, whether electronic, oral or written, regarding Resume Rabbit, the Site, or Services. Digital Admissibility : You hereby agree that a printed version of this Agreement and of any other notice given in electronic form by Resume Rabbit or in the Site, which is toefl essay haste makes waste based upon or relating to this Agreement, shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings and subject to the same conditions as other agreements, business documents or records originally generated, entered into, signed or maintained in printed form. My Admire! Certain areas of waste this Web Site and additional services provided are subject to additional terms of use. By using such areas or any part thereof, you agree to be bound by the additional terms of use applicable to such areas. Questions concerning our Terms and essay Conditions should be addressed by contacting us here or by postal mail at: c/o eDirect Publishing Inc. Essay Makes! 3451 Via Montebello, Unit 192-104. Carlsbad, California 92009. Updated April 27, 2009, 8:40 AM PST. About Father! Copyright 2017 eDirectPublishing, Inc. All rights reserved.

Resume Rabbit is a trademark of eDirect Publishing, Inc. Contents are protected by international copyright laws. Unauthorized copying or duplication in any form is strictly prohibited without prior written consent. Toefl Essay Haste Makes! Our Beliefs About Privacy. eDirect Publishing, Inc. and Resume Rabbit are firmly committed to rick openhook, protecting your privacy. We created this Privacy Statement so you'll have the information you need to make a confident and toefl haste makes informed online buying decision. We value your trust and pledge to do everything we can to handle your personal, private or sensitive information carefully, responsibly and securely. Below are the information gathering, use and quick write dissemination practices for Resume Rabbit. To communicate any questions or concerns you may have regarding our privacy practices, please click here.

Resume Rabbit's One-Stop Resume Posting service allows customers to be automatically posted to multiple 3rd party career web sites using a single online form. Posting Your Resume Confidentially. Toefl Essay Haste Makes! If you select Keep My Identity Confidential during our registration process, we will select the and easy an essay, confidentiality option on the career websites offering that feature. Waste! For Career Websites that do not offer a confidentiality feature, we will replace your personally identifiable information as follows: First Last Name are replaced with Confidential User Street Address is essay about father replaced with Address Withheld Phone Number is replaced with A/C-555-1212 Most Recent Company is haste makes replaced with Confidential. Quick! Additionally, we recommend you remove all unwanted personal information from the cut and toefl paste version of your resume and cover letter, as it will be posted exactly as you provide it to us. Business Coursework! NOTE: These practices may conflict with the Terms of essay haste waste Service listed on some of the essay for canadian school students, 3rd party career websites where we post your resume. If you choose to use this feature you must agree to do so at your own risk.

To visit and review the essay waste, terms of service on these sites, click here. Spam Prevention Email Forwarding. Animal Be Used For Research! Posting an email address on toefl essay makes, the Internet can sometimes give rise to unwanted email (Spam). To alleviate this problem, Resume Rabbit provides its Spam Prevention Email Forwarding Service, as defined in this section. Resume Rabbit creates a new job search email address (Posted Email Address) for you and quick write an essay uses it as part of its Resume Posting Service. Emails sent to the Posted Email Address will automatically go through our Spam detection servers before being forwarded to toefl, the email you give via our Forms (Personal Email Address). Term! This greatly reduces the waste, amount of Spam you would receive at your Personal Email Address. By using the Spam Prevention Email Forwarding service, you give Resume Rabbit the permission and power to choose which emails sent to your Posted Email Address should be filtered and which should be forwarded to your Personal Email Address. You give Resume Rabbit the permission to alter the content of 3rd party emails for any reason. You also give Resume Rabbit the permission to store copies of the filtered and rick beckman forwarded email on its servers. Waste! Resume Rabbit does not receive or accept any authority over your usage of your Personal Email Address, and btec national diploma will not be held liable for anything related to your Personal Email Address.

The Spam Prevention service and services of its type are not 100% effective and essay haste makes waste from time to time our product may misclassify Spam as legitimate mail and legitimate mail as Spam. Resume Rabbit makes no guarantees that all Spam will be blocked from being forwarded to essay about, your email account. Resume Rabbit also makes no guarantee that all legitimate email will be delivered to your email account. If you suspect that legitimate mail has been blocked as Spam, please contact Customer Service. Toefl Waste! Please be advised that the should be used, Spam Prevention service may not be able to detect or repair all viruses. Toefl Haste Makes Waste! There is a risk involved whenever downloading email attachments to contests school students, your computer and Resume Rabbit is not responsible for any damages caused by your decision to do so. Resume Rabbit may place limits on the amount of email a user may receive in essay a day in order to protect the health of the company's network.

The customer may contact Customer Service for exemptions to this clause. Handling of Information Gathered from Customers. Quick And Easy Way To Write An Essay! On our web site you provide contact information, your desired job requirements, your relevant experience and toefl essay haste makes waste other personal information (collectively Personal Information). Do Reference Paper! Your Personal Information will be electronically reformatted and submitted to various 3rd party career web sites. Resume Rabbit will not rent or sell any information gathered from a customer's use of toefl our web site. Your personal information will not be shared with any 3rd parties for quick way to write, any reason other than what's described in this Privacy Statement or lawfully requested by federal or state authorities. Payment Information collected from customers on toefl haste waste, the Resume Rabbit web site is securely transmitted for btec national, payment processing in real-time utilizing PayPal/VeriSign's Online Payment Services. Upon real-time response, credit card or checking account numbers are immediately deleted from the essay, Resume Rabbit system for both authorized and and easy write declined transactions. PayPal/VeriSign, using its own secure connections and encryption technology, then transmits your payment information for validation and processing to toefl essay haste makes, an authorized and do reference term reputable payment-processing clearinghouse. The rest of the associated payment processing is then handled like any other credit card or bank debit transaction. To the toefl essay haste makes, best of our knowledge all of the essay, companies and essay banking institutions involved in our payment processing do not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for do reference, any purpose outside of processing our payments.

In rare instances due to essay makes waste, real-time data transmission failures outside of our control, we'll inform customers that their Payment Information has been captured for later processing. Then we'll immediately encrypt the information and transfer it to beckman openhook, a private server on our internal network using a secure connection. Only our Security Administrator has the toefl makes waste, encryption key to unlock Payment Information for and easy write, processing. Once processed the information is immediately deleted from our servers. When a customer logs in to our website with their user name and makes waste password a record of that log in business may be captured, time stamped and stored in our database along with records of toefl essay makes waste certain activities or functions performed by the customer during that session. The log in information will help us identify the customer associated with those activities and will be used for way to write an essay, both statistical analysis as well as customer service. Log in information may also be used to trigger an email to communicate with a customer regarding a procedure they may have started but not finished or to waste, inform them that something they requested is now available online. Only those Resume Rabbit employees that have a legitimate business purpose for page, accessing and handling personal information obtained by us are given authorization to essay makes, do so. Essay Contests For Canadian High! The unauthorized access or use of such information by any Resume Rabbit employee is prohibited and constitutes grounds for disciplinary action. Essay Makes! Additionally, our information management systems are configured in such a way as to rick beckman thesis openhook, block or inhibit employees from essay haste accessing information that they have no authority to access.

Information Generated By Our Web site. A cookie is a small data file that gets sent by a web site to write an essay, your web browser and may then be stored on your computer. Most web browsers allow users to choose to: never to accept cookies, automatically accept cookies, be notified prior to toefl essay makes waste, accepting receipt of a cookie from business diploma a web site. A received cookie is usually stored in a directory that can be deleted from toefl essay your computer at any time. Resume Rabbit uses cookies solely for business national diploma coursework, the following reasons: To track a customers movement through our web site and provide meaningful related information from page to page. To help aggregate all the information a customer provides on several web page forms into waste, a single set of customer information for submission to 3rd party web sites and to PayPal/VeriSign for payment processing. Father! To avoid the necessity of a customer having to continually enter his or her username and password after having logged on to our web site. Essay Waste! The information contained in a cookie created by the Resume Rabbit web site includes a randomly generated session ID and is combined with a portion of the customers IP address for added security.

A cookies usefulness along with all related records on our web server expire within hours of having been used. While not associated with any particular web site visitor's contact information, we retain standard log information gathered by school students, our web server software package for an indefinite period of essay haste time. This information will be used solely for statistical analysis. Standard log information includes: The web page requested. The host name or IP address of the user making the request. The date and time of the request.

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At Resume Rabbit we pride ourselves on our use of secure e-commerce servers complete with digital certificates, secure server ID's, SSL encryption technology, and SSL authentication. These technologies help you verify the haste makes, company you're dealing with and transmit Payment Information securely. In the should animal for research essay, case of toefl essay makes unauthorized use of your credit card, with proper notification to quick and easy, your issuing bank the Fair Credit Billing Act provides that your maximum liability is limited to $50.00 US. In the toefl haste makes waste, event you're held liable for unauthorized credit card charges resulting from a Resume Rabbit secure web site transaction, we'll happily reimburse you for your liability up to $50.00 US with the submission of supporting documents. Do Reference Page Paper! Resume Rabbit services may be advertised using a variety of methods.

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Free Essays on Sociological Concepts In Boys Dont Cry. Sociological Movie Review The movie that I watched that has many references to toefl haste makes waste our introduction to sociology course is The Boy In the Striped Pajamas. Essay About My Admire! The Boy In the Striped Pajamas is about a little 8 year old boy named Bruno who must move to the country side with his family because his father who. Forrest Miller and Shannon Coyle Mr. Christensen Composition 1 19 October 2012 Cry Me a River: The Truth about Tears Tears. A common ground for all people. Everyone cries , but whether they want to toefl essay admit it or not is essay contests, a personal choice. For some, crying expresses weakness, a characteristic that brings.

Social Care Unit 7 – Sociological Perspectives for Health and Social Care (5 credits) Lecturer: Room: Email: Learning Outcomes (BTEC Unit Specification) On completion of this unit you should: 1. Understand sociological perspectives 2. Toefl Essay Haste Makes Waste! Understand sociological approaches to health. A key part of engaging in sociology is to adopt a sociological viewpoint or 'think sociologically'. Etymologically, sociology is the 'study of society' but this doesn't differentiate sociology from other forms of social study. Hence, many begin to describe thinking sociologically by what it is essay about my admire father, not -. determined. Outline the key grounds for this rejection and discuss what this means for a sociological understanding of toefl essay haste gender. First of my admire all I am going to begin with defining sex and gender.

Sex in toefl makes waste a sociological perspective is defined as the btec, biological and physiological differences between men and women. ? The Application of the Sociological Imagination in the Examination of Gender Inequality Charles Wright Mills was an American sociologist in the nineteenth century who contributed greatly to the field of sociology. He was concerned with individuals in post-World War II society. Introduction to Sociological Perspectives. The Sociological Perspective Introduction The sociological perspective is defined by three philosophical traditions (or paradigms): structure-functionalism, Marxism, and symbolic interactionism. Structure-functionalism focuses on how society is organized and how social institutions meet the needs. There are numerous sociological perspective theories some dating back as early as the 19th century some of these include functionalism, maxism and social action theories. Toefl Makes Waste! Throughout the years these perspectives have gradually been modernised due to the changes that have occurred in society. Although.

constructed roles, behaviours, activities and rick thesis openhook, attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and haste waste, women (WHO, 2014). There are three concepts associated with gender. Gender identity refers to an individual having the sense of being male or female. It usually matches the biological sex. The concept of “ sociological imagination” is one that can be explained many different ways. A simple way to think of the sociological imagination is to see it as a way a person thinks, where they know that what they do from day to day in their private lives (like the way to write, choices they make), are sometimes. Paper Grade: 75 / C The Sociological Imagination The sociological imagination is an idea or a way of thinking that interlocks an individual in a society with the society as a whole. Most people refer to sociology as the study of how people or individuals interact with each other. In order to fully. Chapter Summaries of “ Boy , Tales of Childhood” by Roald Dahl ------------------------------------------------- STARTING POINT Chapter 1 – Papa and Mama * Father – Harald Dahl, Norwegian – no left arm * Father’s brother – Oscar * The brothers ran away to France * Uncle Oscar became.

The sociological imagination is an ever-evolving concept . What I mean by that is, the toefl haste, basis remains the same, but the application and essay contests high, understanding of the idea changes as society and individuals change. In basic terms, the sociological imagination is the ability to connect the haste makes, individual and “social-historical. Biological and Psychological Explanations of Crime. come to know deviance is correlated with, but does not define, crime. Moreover, I will show how the sociological approach is a stronger method to understanding crime in society. Do Reference Page Term! In this paper, each concept will be clarified. A biological cause was the toefl haste, basis in early studies (1876) of criminality. Btec Coursework! A physician. Analysis of the Chimney Sweeper by William Blake. The Chimney Sweeper – analysis The Chimney Sweeper by William Blake is essay haste waste, a short lyric evoking feelings and experiences of a young boy and rick thesis, his friends working as chimney sweepers. It is a short poem of toefl six quatrains, rhymed aa bb.

The rhyme is should, mostly complete and toefl haste waste, masculine: key – free. Question What is a sociological theory? There is no best sociological theory. Discuss this statement highlighting the following: two (2) strengths and two (2) weaknesses of Functionalism. A sociological theory is defined as the page term, study of human beings and the part they play in toefl society. There. William Blake’s the Chimney Sweeper. ’weep are to be stressed because these two words are a very strong point within this poem.

The words not only about my admire represent the weeps that this young child cries from the pain and hurt that is being caused to him, but the words as well can represent the demands that are put upon toefl essay haste him. Term Paper! Before the waste, word weep there. surroundings; and, how your daily life is shaped and constrained by society. Coursework! This will allow you engage with many of the sociological concepts reviewed to-date including newer concepts such as impression management, stage theory and emotional labor. Explain why you needed to perform in such a. ? The Qualities of a Young Boy Jem Finch is one of the most caring brothers in all of English literature. Toefl Haste Makes Waste! He also has a dominate presence in the novel. Btec! In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, there are many attributes that aid in creating an important character analysis of Jeremy Atticus Finch. Throughout. Sociological perspective for health and essay waste, social care. each other. High School Students! There are different sociological perspectives which include examples of society.

In this assignment I will be explaining the toefl essay makes, different sociological perspectives which provide different models of high society. P1: Example the principal sociological perspective. Marxism Feminism . Many concepts , both political and social , were influenced by the ancient times. Toefl Makes! The Spartans life was simple, and their focus was on obedience and do reference paper, war. While Athenian life allowed one to pursue several kinds of arts or sciences. While Romans had a republic, which included a king, assemblies senators.

Analytical Essay Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Analytical Essay Boy in the Striped Pyjamas January 13th, 2010 Nathan Harder Shaving Bruno’s hair is a focal point in essay haste waste the novel and a main contribution to contests students his death at the end of the book. It also illustrates how we are, ultimately, all humans. Through Bruno, we improve our understanding. People disagree with the controversial statement that boys don't cry . Sure, men are more emotionally stable than women, but one shouldn't forget that men are human and haste makes, thus, have feelings too. We, as men, might not show our feelings a lot, but we do experience emotions and sorrow. Most men don't show.

SOCS185 full course 2016 sep - all discussion assignment and quizzes. devry socs185n week 1 discussion dq 1 dq 2 latest 2016 july dq 1 Developing a Sociological Imagination (graded) Sociologist C. Wright Mills preferred to call the about, sociological perspective the toefl essay makes, sociological imagination and high students, he saw it transforming personal troubles into public issues. Let’s begin. opposite sex later in life? Do you think a mother carries her baby in the same way if it’s a boy or a girl? Do you think teachers act and grade their students of both sexes equally? Do you think girls and boys have the same mental abilities and physical skills?

It’s scientifically proved that not! And. Sociological Perspectives on the Family. Sociological Perspectives on the Family SOC101: Introduction to Sociology Instructor: Jeanette Maxey August 15, 2011 Sociological Perspectives on the Family In the field of sociology, there are numerous approaches sociologists reflect on when studying humankind’s behavior. Makes Waste! Sociologists argue. ?Formation Change - Self- Concept This assignment is rick, about how a person constructs their self- concept and how they then live their lives in toefl makes a way which supports this self construct. I then explore Rogers theory of personality and write, how change occurs in a therapeutic relationship. When a child is. Compare and Contrast Butler's and Goffman's Notion of Performance in essay haste makes Terms of Masculinity. Butler and Erving Goffman have both developed theories on thesis, performance in terms of masculinity. I propose that both theories hold very similar core concepts , and while Butler’s work on essay waste, gender performativity hold up as a fully compatible theory, it can be better understood through the work of Goffman. An Essay! . drawn in by the collision of personalities, attitudes, and stereotypes.

This movie will make you laugh and toefl makes, cry . When we laugh, we should question the underlying sociological assumptions or concepts that make us laugh. Are we laughing at the racist jokes because of should be used essay our own judgement of other cultures. life chances are greatly influenced by many complex sociological factors. Toefl! I realize now that using my sociological imagination allows me to connect my personal experiences, behaviors, and attitudes to the larger social structure. Some of the sociological themes that manifest in my life are how gender role.

‘Every Sociological Perspective Has Its Limitations; However Some Are More Useful Than Others to rick beckman Our Understanding of essay makes Society’. Assess This View. ‘Every sociological perspective has its limitations; however some are more useful than others to beckman our understanding of society’. Assess this view. Society is a population of humans that share relationships, culture and institutions. More broadly, a society is an economic, social and industrial structure. Sociology Exam Glossary Sociological imagination: relationship between individual experiences and the larger society.

Non-material culture: a component of culture that consists of the abstract or intangible human creations of society (such as attitudes, beliefs and values) that influence peoples. ? Sociological imagination: A child in a school uniform playing at toefl haste makes the schoolyard With the development and changes of society, human production activities will develop considered as the accumulation of knowledge, or become more complicated. Should Animal! When peoples life become complicated they will aware the conflicts. waiting room a young boy begins to cry . As the nurse approaches the toefl makes, young boy turns away from her reaching for his mother. Btec Diploma! Interpersonal skills are learned characteristics that assist us in haste waste communicating with others. The nurse should have showed some form of rick beckman thesis compassion for the young boy whether it have been. Biological, Sociological, and toefl essay haste makes, Psychological Effects on the Causation of Crime. Biological, Sociological , and business btec national, Psychological Effects On the Causation of toefl essay haste makes waste Crime Heather Pelletier CJ499-01: Bachelors Capstone in Criminal Justice Kaplan University Causation of crime as defined by Merriam-Webster is the relationship between an for canadian school, event or situation and a possible reason or. Five Sociological terms and toefl essay makes, concepts. The purpose of this paper is to beckman thesis openhook talk about the five sociological terms, concepts or theories that I feel have impacted my understanding of the social world. These terms, concepts and theories include the social construction of reality, sociological perspective, observational research, operational definition.

The Movie “ Boys Don’t Cry ” The movie Boys Don’t Cry was directed by female filmmaker Kimberly Piercy. Kimberly based on toefl haste waste, a real story of Teena Brandon who was a homosexual person. For Research Essay! Teena is a girl but she acted and toefl essay, dressed herself like a boy . She hid her secret to everyone whom she met and made friends. ?Willene Joan D’ Costa Professor Abbott LIT 370- 002 4/23/2015 Boys Don’t Cry As Yoshino explains, the decision of whether or not to come out as homosexual, bisexual, genderqueer, or even transgender isn’t just driven by essay for canadian high school, the individual’s desire to openly be who he or she really is, but also by the negative. brought up with a strict set of rules to essay haste makes waste keep society happy. Rick Beckman Thesis! To be specific, we are taught not to talk to strangers. As technology advanced, it was dont talk or meet with creepy old men on the internet. That being said, meeting a guy on the internet and makes waste, driving close to 18 hours one way to business btec diploma meet him.

those who want to hurt them. when we discover that a criminal, big enough and often wise enough, has brutally butchered another human being do we not cry out for toefl justice? the death penalty can deliver that justice we crave! people say that killing the beckman openhook, guilty makes us killers also but did the essay haste makes, murdurers. article about using this concept appeared in 1952 by and easy write, Belknap and toefl makes waste, Campbell.They started with asking simple questions “Would you rather vote Republican or Democratic ?”According to answers from voters there were 4 groups; 1. Democratic 2. Independent 3. Republican 4. Paper! Dont know But this survey. de la facon suivante. Toefl Haste! L’insurrection eclate le 29 avril, dans les regions de Minago, Vyanda, Nyanza Lac et de Rumonge, lorsque des groupes rebelles, dont certains ont, semble-t-il, suivi un entrainement en Tanzanie, attaquent et 1. 16 septembre 1967. 554 RENE LEMARCHAND tuent a la machette. BenDBL: or shorten down a lil BenDBL: ? Guest_DavidBl: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah tall LyssaRaeEnvied: if i dont have a fucking heart attack or a stroke first Guest_DavidBl: and dont buy anything Guest_DavidBl: z LyssaRaeEnvied: and u need to go back to that height Guest_DavidBl: NO D: llN0M3RCYll. Warriors Don’t Cry Melba Pattillo Beals Brad Price C-BLOCK Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 Word Count (Excluding Quotes): 973 QUOTE #1 “When my teacher asked if anyone who lived within the Central High School district wanted to attend school with white people, I raised my hand.

As I. drake asked, Im 14 max respondedYou seem a Little too big for your age dont you think so Yes I do drake yes I do, but to me size never matters max said in and easy an agitated voice. Are you busy this Saturday night Drake asked, no I dont think so max said. Essay Haste Waste! I think you seem very nice I would really love to get. everything The bigotry of the GAA The way Irish football fans are labelled the best in the world when they are the worst. Boy racers Women with facial hair People who dont like Anchorman Having to page term pay to use a jacks Women that wear too much fake tan/make up People who say they watch the Premiership. Boys have it Tougher The relative difficulties of boyhood versus girlhood, the latest issue in the nation's ongoing gender wars, has raised a serious question of who has it harder the guys or the toefl makes waste, girls (according to the article Who has it Tougher Boys or Girls?). Contests For Canadian High Students! I can understand the toefl essay haste waste, fact that it. text, double-spaced (this does not include the rick, title page). * Refer to at least six sociological concepts covered in the lectures or textbook reading. Highlight these concepts in toefl essay haste makes boldface. * Connect your concepts to the TCOs.

Indicate the animal be used for research, TCOs covered in parentheses, as demonstrated in the assignment. Culture and Underlying Sociological Assumptions. Another sociological term demonstrated in Crash is the theory of toefl micro-aggression. Microaggressions would be defined as Microaggressions are subtle insults (verbal, nonverbal, and/or visual) directed toward people of color, often automatically or unconsciously. While the individual effects of essay these. The Major Values of Classical Greek Culture and How They Impacted on Concepts of Childhood.

Outline some of the makes waste, major values of classical Greek culture and indicate how you think they impacted on do reference page term, concepts of childhood. In this assignment I delve into classical Greek culture, the day to day activities, schooling, extra-curricular activities and general behavior of all classes regarding treatment. After that, at University level We dont have sufficient funds to toefl essay haste waste establish separate universities for boys and girls. SO thats where Co-educational system came in do reference page term paper as both the genders have to toefl haste makes waste get study in same institution. Now question arises that do Girls and Boys perform better in Co-Education or. finna squab a niqqa, cause nigga imma cry ;_; A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z now i know my ABC's next time come and sing with me. adsfdasfads fa sfad s nfsda fads fad s fads afds af s d fads afsd afds af s da fds fasd afs fd s a fads adsf afd s . – the theorist behind the idea of the do reference term, ‘ sociological imagination’ C. Wright Mills – the toefl makes waste, theorist behind the essay for canadian school, idea of the ‘ sociological imagination’ Sociological Imagination Summarised from ‘Public Sociology’ pages 7, 8 and 9 C. Wright Mills defined sociological imagination as the vivid awareness of. one of the most pressing issues today. In order to examine this situation one must try to toefl haste waste get to the root of the problem and must understand the sociological factors that cause women to have a much more difficult time getting the same benefits, wages, and job opportunities as their male counterparts. . Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton.

CRY , THE BELOVED COUNTRY, BY ALAN PATON Chapter 1 The opening chapter, which is almost a prose poem, introduces us to two adjacent country sides near the essay for canadian students, South African village of Ixopo—country sides which represent the two worlds of the toefl essay haste, novel. Rich damp matted grass on the upland is an indication. American History X: a Sociological Outcry. American History X; A Sociological Outcry Racism is still a problem in should be used for research the world today, whether it is toefl waste, out in for canadian high students the open and essay makes waste, often or not so much, it is something that may very well be one thing that as long as there are differences between people, it will always be around. Quick Write! The movie “American History. How Key Sociological Concepts Apply to Events. How do key sociological concepts apply to events in this article? How do they apply to aspects of your life? Identify how private trouble, public issue, sociological imagination, and social structure apply in the article. As appropriate, support your points with anecdotal evidence from your own experiences. Psych Foundation of toefl haste makes waste Growth Development and Learning Case Study - Age Group 2 Years Old.

he asks a million and one questions. He is not shy, hew likes to be the btec, center of all attraction. Waste! When he is corrected it is really sad to see him cry . Environment/Setting: Where did the behaviors observe occur. Give a complete description of the environment you observe the selected child in. I. The Representation of Many Social Aspects in rick beckman thesis Many Diverse Ways.

American History X… This is a movie that represents many sociological aspects in essay haste makes waste many diverse ways. Since day one of the semester in sociology, I realized that, everything that I have learned in the class is applied in the movie in an indirect way. The main topic in American. Many stories are told in new and interesting ways. About! What links does ‘About a Boy ’ have to a newer or older story?

The book ‘About a boy ’ by Nick Hornby was an international Bestseller by 2000. ‘About a Boy ’ the movie production directed by Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz, is now a major motion picture.

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Guidelines for writing a literature review. by Helen Mongan-Rallis. Last updated: November 21, 2014. [Note: For these guidelines, in some sections I have quoted directly some of the the steps from: Galvan, J. Haste Makes! (2006). Writing literature reviews: a guide for students of the thesis openhook behavioral sciences (3rd ed.) . Glendale, CA: Pyrczak Publishing. ] A literature review is not an annotated bibliography in which you summarize briefly each article that you have reviewed. While a summary of the what you have read is haste waste, contained within the literature review, it goes well beyond merely summarizing professional literature. It focuses on a specific topic of animal be used for research interest to you and includes a critical analysis of the relationship among different works, and relating this research to your work.

It may be written as a stand-alone paper or to provide a theoretical framework and rationale for a research study (such as a thesis or dissertation). These guidelines are adapted primarily from Galvan (2006). Galvan outlines a very clear, step-by-step approach that is haste makes waste, very useful to use as you write your review. I have integrated some other tips within this guide, particularly in suggesting different technology tools that you might want to consider in helping you organize your review. In the sections from Step 6-9 what I have included is the outline of term those steps exactly as described by Galvan. I also provide links at the end of this guide to resources that you should use in toefl makes waste, order to search the literature and as you write your review. In addition to using the essay my admire step-by-step guide that I have provided below, I also recommend that you (a) locate examples of essay haste waste literature reviews in your field of term study and skim over these to get a feel for what a literature review is and how these are written (I have also provided links to toefl haste a couple of examples at the end of these guidelines (b) read over other guides to writing literature reviews so that you see different perspectives and approaches: Some examples are: Read through the should animal be used for research links provided below on APA guidelines so that you become familiar with the common core elements of essay makes waste how to write in essay contests for canadian, APA style: in makes waste, particular, pay attention to rick thesis general document guidelines (e.g. font, margins, spacing), title page, abstract, body, text citations, quotations. It will help you considerably if your topic for your literature review is the one on which you intend to do your final M.Ed. Essay Makes Waste! project, or is in some way related to the topic of your final project. However, you may pick any scholarly topic. Step 3: Identify the literature that you will review : Familiarize yourself with online databases (see UMD library resource links below for for research, help with this), identifying relevant databases in your field of study.

Using relevant databases, search for literature sources using Google Scholar and essay haste also searching using Furl (search all sources, including the Furl accounts of other Furl members). Some tips for identifying suitable literature and narrowing your search : Start with a general descriptor from the database thesaurus or one that you know is already a well defined descriptor based on past work that you have done in this field. Business Btec Coursework! You will need to essay haste waste experiment with different searches, such as limiting your search to thesis descriptors that appear only in the document titles, or in both the document title and in the abstract. Redefine your topic if needed: as you search you will quickly find out if the topic that you are reviewing is too broad. Toefl Makes! Try to narrow it to a specific area of interest within the should be used for research broad area that you have chosen (remember: this is merely an introductory literature review for Educ 7001). It is toefl essay haste, a good idea, as part of and easy your literature search, to look for existing literature reviews that have already been written on this topic. As part of essay your search, be sure to identify landmark or classic studies and theorists as these provide you with a framework/context for your study.

Import your references into your RefWorks account (see: Refworks Import Directions for guide on how to do this from different databases). You can also enter references manually into RefWorks if you need to. Once you have identified and located the articles for your review, you need to analyze them and animal be used essay organize them before you begin writing: Overview the articles : Skim the articles to waste get an idea of the general purpose and essay content of the article (focus your reading here on the abstract, introduction and first few paragraphs, the conclusion of each article. Tip: as you skim the toefl essay articles, you may want to record the notes that you take on each directly into RefWorks in the box for be used for research essay, User 1. You can take notes onto note cards or into a word processing document instead or as well as using RefWorks, but having your notes in RefWorks makes it easy to toefl haste makes organize your notes later. Group the articles into my admire father, categories (e.g. into topics and haste makes subtopics and chronologically within each subtopic). Once again, it's useful to enter this information into your RefWorks record.

You can record the topics in the same box as before (User 1) or use User 2 box for the topic(s) under which you have chosen to thesis place this article. Take notes : Decide on the format in which you will take notes as you read the articles (as mentioned above, you can do this in RefWorks. You can also do this using a Word Processor, or a concept mapping program like Inspiration (free 30 trial download), a data base program (e.g. Makes Waste! Access or File Maker Pro), in an Excel spreadsheet, or the old-fashioned way of do reference paper using note cards. Be consistent in how you record notes. Define key terms: look for differences in the way keys terms are defined (note these differences). Note key statistics that you may want to use in the introduction to your review. Select useful quotes that you may want to include in your review. Essay Haste! Important : If you copy the exact words from an article, be sure to cite the page number as you will need this should you decide to use the quote when you write your review (as direct quotes must always be accompanied by beckman openhook page references). To ensure that you have quoted accurately (and to toefl haste save time in note taking), if you are accessing the article in a format that allows this, you can copy and paste using your computer edit -- copy -- paste functions. Note: although you may collect a large number of quotes during the note taking phase of your review, when you write the national diploma coursework review, use quotes very sparingly.

The rule I follow is to toefl haste quote only when when some key meaning would be lost in translation if I were to do reference paraphrase the original author's words, or if using the original words adds special emphasis to a point that I am making. Note emphases, strengths weaknesses: Since different research studies focus on different aspects of the issue being studied, each article that you read will have different emphases, strengths. and weaknesses. Your role as a reviewer is to evaluate what you read, so that your review is not a mere description of essay waste different articles, but rather a critical analysis that makes sense of the collection of articles that you are reviewing. Critique the research methodologies used in the studies, and distinguish between assertions (the author's opinion) and actual research findings (derived from empirical evidence). Diploma Coursework! Identify major trends or patterns: As you read a range of articles on toefl makes waste your topic, you should make note of trends and patterns over time as reported in the literature. This step requires you to synthesize and make sense of what you read, since these patterns and openhook trends may not be spelled out in the literature, but rather become apparent to you as you review the big picture that has emerged over toefl makes time. Your analysis can make generalizations across a majority of quick and easy way to studies, but should also note inconsistencies across studies and over time. Identify gaps in toefl essay haste makes, the literature, and btec diploma coursework reflect on why these might exist (based on toefl makes the understandings that you have gained by reading literature in this field of way to write study).

These gaps will be important for you to address as you plan and write your review. Identify relationships among studies: note relationships among studies, such as which studies were landmark ones that led to subsequent studies in the same area. You may also note that studies fall into different categories (categories that you see emerging or ones that are already discussed in toefl essay haste waste, the literature). When you write your review, you should address these relationships and father different categories and toefl essay haste makes waste discuss relevant studies using this as a framework. Keep your review focused on your topic: make sure that the articles you find are relevant and directly related to your topic.

As you take notes, record which specific aspects of the article you are reading are relevant to your topic (as you read you will come up with key descriptors that you can record in your notes that will help you organize your findings when you come to write up your review). If you are using an electronic form of note taking, you might note these descriptors in a separate field (e.g. in RefWorks, put these under User 2 or User 3; in Excel have a separate column for each descriptor; if you use Inspiration, you might attach a separate note for should, key descriptors. Evaluate your references for currency and essay haste waste coverage: Although you can always find more articles on your topic, you have to decide at what point you are finished with collecting new resources so that you can focus on writing up your findings. However, before you begin writing, you must evaluate your reference list to ensure that it is up to date and has reported the most current work. Essay Contests For Canadian! Typically a review will cover the last five years, but should also refer to any landmark studies prior to this time if they have significance in shaping the direction of the essay waste field.

If you include studies prior to the past five years that are not landmark studies, you should defend why you have chosen these rather than more current ones. Step 5: Summarize the contests for canadian school literature in table or concept map format. Galvan (2006) recommends building tables as a key way to essay haste waste help you overview, organize, and summarize your findings, and suggests that including one or more of the tables that you create may be helpful in your literature review. If you do include tables as part of your review each must be accompanied by an analysis that summarizes, interprets and synthesizes the literature that you have charted in the table. Animal For Research Essay! You can plan your table or do the haste entire summary chart of your literature using a concept map (such as using Inspiration) You can create the table using the table feature within Microsoft Word, or can create it initially in Excel and then copy and paste/import the the Excel sheet into rick beckman thesis, Word once you have completed the toefl haste makes waste table in Excel. The advantage of using Excel is my admire father, that it enables you to sort your findings according to a variety of essay haste makes factors (e.g. Contests For Canadian School! sort by date, and then by toefl haste waste author; sort by methodology and contests then date) Examples of tables that may be relevant to your review: Definitions of key terms and concepts. Research methods Summary of research results.

Step 6: Synthesize the literature prior to writing your review. Using the notes that you have taken and summary tables, develop an outline of your final review. The following are the toefl makes waste key steps as outlined by Galvan (2006: 71-79) Consider your purpose and voice before beginning to write. Btec! In the case of waste this Educ 7001 introductory literature review, your initial purpose is to provide an overview of the topic that is of interest to you, demonstrating your understanding of key works and concepts within your chosen area of way to focus. You are also developing skills in reviewing and writing, to provide a foundation on which you will build in subsequent courses within your M.Ed. and ultimately in your final project. In your final project your literature review should demonstrate your command of your field of study and/or establishing context for essay haste waste, a study that you have done. Consider how you reassemble your notes: plan how you will organize your findings into a unique analysis of the picture that you have captured in your notes.

Important: A literature review is about my admire father, not series of essay makes waste annotations (like an annotated bibliography). Galvan (2006:72) captures the difference between an annotated bibliography and a literature review very well: . in rick beckman thesis openhook, essence, like describing trees when you really should be describing a forest. In the case of a literature review, you are really creating a new forest, which you will build by using the trees you found in the literature you read. Create a topic outline that traces your argument: first explain to the reader your line or argument (or thesis); then your narrative that follows should explain and justify your line of toefl essay haste waste argument. You may find the rick beckman thesis program Inspiration useful in mapping out your argument (and once you have created this in a concept map form, Inspiration enables you to toefl waste convert this to a text outline merely by clicking on btec diploma the outline button).

This can then be exported into toefl essay haste makes, a Microsoft Word document. Reorganize your notes according to the path of your argument Within each topic heading, note differences among studies. Within each topic heading, look for obvious gaps or areas needing more research. Plan to describe relevant theories. Plan to discuss how individual studies relate to and advance theory Plan to school summarize periodically and, again near the end of the essay haste makes review Plan to about my admire father present conclusions and implications Plan to suggest specific directions for toefl essay haste makes, future research near the end of the review Flesh out your outline with details from your analysis. Step 7: Writing the review (Galvan, 2006: 81-90) Identify the animal be used for research broad problem area, but avoid global statements Early in the review, indicate why the topic being reviewed is important Distinguish between research finding and other sources of information Indicate why certain studies are important If you are commenting on the timeliness of a topic, be specific in toefl haste waste, describing the time frame If citing a classic or landmark study, identify it as such If a landmark study was replicated, mention that and indicate the essay contests results of the toefl essay waste replication Discuss other literature reviews on your topic Refer the essay my admire reader to other reviews on issues that you will not be discussing in details Justify comments such as, no studies were found. Avoid long lists of nonspecific references If the results of toefl essay waste previous studies are inconsistent or widely varying, cite them separately Cite all relevant references in the review section of thesis, dissertation, or journal article.

Step 8: Developing a coherent essay (Galvan, 2006: 91-96) If your review is quick way to write an essay, long, provide an overview near the beginning of the review Near the essay haste makes beginning of a review, state explicitly what will and will not be covered Specify your point of view early in the review: this serves as the thesis statement of the review. Aim for a clear and cohesive essay that integrates the key details of the literature and communicates your point of view (a literature is not a series of annotated articles). Use subheadings, especially in long reviews Use transitions to help trace your argument If your topic teaches across disciplines, consider reviewing studies from each discipline separately Write a conclusion for the end of the review: Provide closure so that the path of the argument ends with a conclusion of rick thesis some kind. How you end the review, however, will depend on your reason for writing it. Haste Makes! If the review was written to stand alone, as is the case of a term paper or a review article for publication, the conclusion needs to btec make clear how the material in the body of the review has supported the assertion or proposition presented in the introduction. Essay Haste Makes Waste! On the other hand, a review in a thesis, dissertation, or journal article presenting original research usually leads to the research questions that will be addressed.

Check the flow of your argument for coherence. Galvan, J. (2006). Writing literature reviews: a guide for students of the behavioral sciences ( 3rd ed.). Glendale, CA: Pyrczak Publishing.